Solar Energy in Jersey Village, TX

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Texas plays a crucial role, and it is at the heart of solar energy growth in America. As more people install solar panels, they help increase its growth in the state. Jersey Village, TX has over 80% viable roof with about 3M sq ft roof space. Installing solar panels on these roofs would generate about 55.1K MWh AC per yr.

Though 2020 affected and disrupted livelihoods, solar panels accounted for 43% of the US’s new electricity generating capacity. There is over 88.9 GW of installed solar capacity. This capacity is enough to power over 16.4 million American homes. Between 2021-2025, solar energy is expected to exceed 107 GWdc..

Going soar offers great benefits for home and business owners. At Dynamic Slr, we provide the best solar panel installers in Jersey Village, TX. We make the process for switching to solar smooth by handling all the paperwork. You can send us your electricity bill for a free solar quote

Commercial Solar Installations in Jersey Village, TX

Businesses are always looking for ways to cut operation costs and increase profit. What better way to do this than with solar? Businesses that have switched to solar are now enjoying this benefit, and you can too.

Most businesses run when the sun is brightly shining. As a result, they can utilize the full benefit of solar. Additionally, solar energy helps reduce risk, and it eliminates energy bills giving you more profits. Using solar energy to run your business protects you from price volatility. This stability gives you an edge over many businesses.

Another way businesses benefit from going solar is the federal tax incentives. Currently, there is a 26% tax credit of the total installation costs that businesses enjoy. The government extended this offer for the next two years.

You can let us at Dynamic Slr visit your business for an evaluation determining the number of solar panels you will need. Our solar panels are of the best quality, and they come with a long term manufacturer’s warranty. We source our products from the best manufacturers in the industry.

Going green for businesses gives them a ‘green credit’ to the increasingly environmentally conscious consumer base. As a result, your consumer base continues to grow as you help save the planet.

Solar Energy Incentives in Jersey Village, TX

The 49% annual solar growth did not happen overnight. Various efforts from the government have led to many people adopting solar energy.

Federal Tax Incentive

In the early 2000s, the government introduced the 30% tax credit. The investment tax credit made solar affordable. Since its enactment, there has been a more than 10,000% growth in the solar industry.

Currently, the solar incentive is at 26%. Various organizations have lobbied for the extension of this incentive. Due to this, the percentage received a two-year extension, which is great news for homeowners seeking to buy solar. You can take of this extension and enjoy solar panel installation at reduced costs.

Our solar panel installers in Jersey Village, TX, help home and business owners modernize their properties. The team of professionals handles solar panel sizing, designing, and installation, making the solar switch process smooth.

Buyback Option

Connecting to the grid has various benefits. One of these includes the opportunity to use the power grid as storage for excess energy. Utility companies offer you a credit for this energy, allowing you to use it when your system’s production reduces.

Generally, clouds reduce the energy your system produces. Also, maintenance or repairs can affect your energy output. During these days, you draw from the grid and cover the energy used using the credit energy.

Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption

Apart from government incentives, the state has also made it possible for homeowners to install solar panels without fear of a property tax increase. Your home property value increases by about 4% when you install solar PV modules. For this reason, the state introduced a 100% renewable energy property tax exemption. This exemption makes it more attractive for homeowners to go solar.

Additionally, the state prohibits HOA from preventing solar panel installations on residential properties. With this protection, homeowners can install solar panels on their roofs or go for ground-mounted solar.

There are convincing reasons for choosing solar. Apart from reducing the cost of running your business and home, it helps save the environment. Most homes can save over $25,000 within the first 25 years of going solar. Contact us at Dynamic solar for more information about this money-saving opportunity.