Solar Energy Industry, TX

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Solar energy is undoubtedly the most abundant resource in the world. Did you know that 173,000 terawatts of solar energy continuously hit the earth at any moment? That translates to 10,000 times of the full energy global energy use.

The most incredible innovation in clean energy is the silicon photovoltaic cells, which allow us to tap into this vast resource. Bell laboratories in 1954 built this first cell ushering in a new era of tapping the unlimited sun’s energy. There is currently over 88.9 GW of installed solar capacity across the US, enough to power 2.6 million homes.

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Solar Energy Incentives in Industry, TX

There has been an increase in solar energy demand in the country. Solar installations increase by about 49% annually. Various factors such as declining costs are the primary contributors to the growth. However, the most notable cause is the incentives from the federal and state governments.

Federal Tax Incentive

The federal tax is arguably the biggest driver of solar energy adoption. In the early 2000s, the government introduced the investment tax credit to encourage home and business owners to install solar panels. Initially, the government offered a 30% tax credit on commercial and residential installation costs.

As a result, most solar panel installers enjoyed reduced solar installation costs. For the last three years, the incentive percentage had reduced to 26%. Home and business owners who began the solar panel installation process in 2020 can still enjoy this incentive.

At the moment, the solar tax incentive is 26% after a two-year extension. The federal government will scrap off this incentive by the end of 2023. However, businesses will still enjoy a tax credit but a reduced percentage of 10%. As you can see, it is much more beneficial for you to install solar panels today.

You can talk to us at Dynamic Slr for professional solar installation services. Apart from giving you a free solar quote, we will also visit your property for assessment. This visit allows us to determine the number of solar panels your home will require. We also look at your roof’s orientation to assess its suitability for PV module installation.

Buyback Option

Most home and business owners install solar panels to reduce or eliminate electricity bills. This goal is made possible by the buyback option through the net-metering system. However, though this option is not available in Texas, utility companies offer credit for excess energy produced.

When you connect your system to the grid, you can use it as the backup. The solar energy system should generate enough electricity to meet your needs. Any excess energy is supplied to the grid where you earn a credit. The accumulated credit allows you to draw from the grid when you have reduced production.

Remember, factors such as cloudy days can reduce your system’s production to about 25%. You can also experience reduced production when repairing or performing maintenance services. The excess energy produced allows you to get power from the grid without added costs.

Our solar panel installers in Industry, TX, ensure the solar panels are installed on areas without shade. Shading not only affects the output of the solar panels but also reduces lifespan drastically. For this reason, we ensure we install solar panels in a manner guaranteeing efficient energy production.

Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption

Apart from getting rid of your electricity bill, installing PV modules on your property increases its value. The property value increases by about 4% when you install solar panels. Though this increase can make your home attractive to buyers, it can also attract additional property tax.

Because of this, the state introduced a 100% property tax exemption on the appraised value to encourage more homeowners to install solar panels. This exemption makes it possible for homeowners to install solar panels without the fear of added tax.

The state also prohibited HOA rules from preventing solar panel installations in residential areas. This move helped protect homeowners who wanted to enjoy solar from HOA interference. Installing solar panels on your property means more energy freedom and more money in your pocket. At Dynamic Slr, we help you realize this goal. Talk to us today for more information.