Solar Energy Hempstead, TX

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Solar resource is inexhaustible. Its one-hour energy can meet the entire world’s electricity need for a whole year. Due to this realization, corporations and governments have been at the forefront of leading research and solar energy optimization development. Since the Bell laboratories’ breakthrough, where the first silicon photovoltaic cells were invented, the industry has continued to grow.

Currently, the installed solar panels in the US can power over 2.6 million homes. This makes up 1.7% of total electricity use in the US. As of the early 2000s, the solar industry has experienced a steady growth of 49% each year.

At Dynamic Slr, we help our clients actualize their freedom from the electricity provider. Our solar panel installers in Hempstead, TX, have worked with various clients over the years. As a result, they are highly skilled in designing diverse solar PV systems.

Solar Impact on our Planet

Currently, fossil fuels are the primary source of energy globally. As a result, there has been a devastating effect on the planet. You need to burn fossil fuels such as coal and oil to generate electricity, which produces harmful gases. These gases are known as greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide that leads to global warming.

The world is already witnessing these effects. Some of this include rapid wild fires that go on for months, hurricanes and record-breaking storms, and rising sea levels that endanger communities.

As a Texan, climate change should be a concern. The effects of global warming will hit the state the hardest. Currently, there are longer summers than usual and changing weather patterns affecting the farmers. Apart from affecting farmers, climate change also affects overall health. People can experience issues such as heatstroke and other heart conditions during high temperatures.

The good news is there is a path to getting a better solution. Renewable energy sources offer sustainable energy while protecting the environment. One of these sources is solar energy. You can call our solar module installers in Hempstead, TX, for an evaluation of your property.

There are more than 88.9 gigawatts (GW) of installed solar capacity in the US. The installations are responsible for offsetting 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. As more and more homeowners adopt solar energy, the environment’s positive impact will continue to grow.

Solar Energy for Quality Air

As fossil fuels burn to generate electricity, they affect global temperatures and air quality. The quality of the air we breathe is crucial as it helps reduce respiratory conditions.

When solar panels are generating electricity to power your home, they do not have emissions. As a result, using solar energy is safer and better for your health. You can contact Dynamic Slr, the best PV installation company near Hempstead, TX. With solar, you can join millions of Americans, helping reduce harmful emissions.

Grid-Tied and Off-Grid PV System

You can derive many benefits when you switch to solar energy. The most notable merit is reducing your electricity bill or eradicating it. When you want to eliminate electricity bill, it is advisable to employ the best solar panel installers to design your system.

A perfectly sized system allows you to enjoy the full benefit of solar energy. As a homeowner, you can decide to tie your solar panels to the grid or not. Each of these has its advantages. When you connect your system to the grid, you can use the utility company as your storage.

In Texas, you can earn credit for the excess power your system generates. The surplus energy covers your consumption if your PV’s production reduces. Another way to attain energy independence is having a solar storage system instead of connecting to the grid.

For all these options, you need to have a highly effective PV system. Our solar installers look at factors such as your roof’s angle, orientation and the average peak hours in Hempstead, TX when designing your system. You can choose to add trackers to maximize production.

Commercial Solar Installations in Hempstead, TX

Businesses are always on the lookout for opportunities to reduce costs. Solar energy allows you to do just that. When you install solar panels to run your business, you cushion it from electricity price volatility and stabilize your electricity source.

Besides, you earn green credits from your customers. The goodwill you receive from your clients for going green increases your business’s social capital, leading to more profit. Talk to our solar experts at Dynamic Slr to start the journey to cleaner, cheaper, and reliable energy.