Solar Energy Hedwig Village, TX

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Solar energy has made a giant leap forward since the first silicon photovoltaic cells were invented in 1954. You can install solar panels on your roof, carports or use ground-mounted PVs to power your home. Additionally, homeowners can install trackers to maximize solar energy production.

Solar panels’ efficiency has also increased, and it is now over 20%. Some solar panels have 27% efficiency meaning you require a few solar panels to meet your power needs. However, such solar panels come at a higher cost.

If you are looking for professional solar panel installers in Hedwig Village, TX, we’ve got your back. We help simplify the process and also come with quality solar panels to last for decades. Our long term warranties act as a guarantee.

Solar Benefits in Hedwig Village, TX

From an economic standpoint, solar energy makes a lot of sense. It is also undoubtedly the best source of sustainable energy to power the world. From a climate change point of view, solar energy should be in use in every home.

Saves you Money

The reason why solar makes economic sense is its ability to save homes and businesses money. First, solar energy installations have dramatically declined in the past decade. This decline made it much more affordable for most homes.

The federal investment tax credit incentive is one of the driving forces for this growth. At the beginning of the last decade, the government introduced the ITC tax to help home and business owners install solar on their property. During that time, individuals who chose solar received a 30% tax credit of the total solar panel installation cost.

Currently, the ITC is at 26%. It is still reducing the solar panel installation cost significantly. Solar panels in Hedwig Village costs around 2.77 per watt. An average home can use a 6 kW system to generate enough electricity. Such a system costs around $16,620 before the ITC deduction. Once you deduct the tax rebate, you pay around $12,300 for such a system.

Total costs: 2.77 price per watt × 6,000 = $16,620

ITC incentive: 16,620 × 26% ITC = $4,321

Net Costs: 16,620 – 3,656.4 = $12,299

Solar financing offers flexible repayment terms. Therefore, most homeowners choose to pay the system by allocating their monthly electricity bill, ranging between 120-150 dollars.

The average annual bill is around $1,500. As a result, you can pay off a 6kW system within 9 years. Generally, solar manufacturers assign them 25+ warranty. It means that you repay for the solar panels and continue to enjoy free electricity.

Repayment duration: 12,299 ÷ 1,500 = 8.2

Solar Usage before warranty mark: 25 – 8.2 = 16.8

Total amount saved: 16.8 × 1500 = 25,200

Solar PVs have a long lifespan of about 40 years. Though the production reduces to below 80% within the first 25 years, they can still generate enough electricity to power your home for years. To ensure this, you need to take good care of this investment.

Sustainable Clean Energy Source

It is no longer possible to hide your head in the sand when it comes to climate change. Unfortunately, you can feel the effects at your doorstep. By 2016, most states had warmed by 1.5 degrees. As a Hedwig Village, TX resident, you may have already noticed the record storms, raging heat, and long summers.

All these are the effects of the global challenge on climate change. Human activities are the leading causes of this problem. Therefore, a shift in these activities can mean well for the environment.

One way experts identify we can resolve the problem is through clean and affordable energy for all. Wind, water, and solar energy are the solution. Out of these, solar is the most easily scalable source of energy. It’s much easier to install solar panels on your roof or backyard than wind turbines.

If all the viable roofs in Hedwig Village, TX, had solar panels, they would help void about 16.4K metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions (Project Sunroof data explorer). That is equal to removing 3.5K passenger cars from the road or growing 421K trees for 10 years. It is a significant impact to have on the environment.

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