Solar Energy Hardin, TX

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A few decades ago, solar was termed as the energy of the future. The future is here. Solar energy is now cheaper than fossil fuels. It is being used to power industries, space exploration, and keep homes comfortable.

As a result of innovation and research, people can install solar on roofs, ground, vehicles, and water. Silicon photovoltaic cells have also increased their efficiency from around 6% to about 21, with some reaching 27%. As research continues, we expect to achieve a 30% efficiency and above.

Installing solar panels helps reduce your electricity demand. For that to happen, you need the best solar panel installers in Hardin, TX. At Dynamic Slr, we strive to exceed your demands. We provide quality solar panels and installations. You can call us for a free solar quote.

Saving Money with Solar

Though solar benefits are countable, their effects are monumental. First, calling our solar panel experts in Hardin, TX, to switch to solar allows you to save some bucks on your electricity bills. Saving money provides more money to homeowners in Hardin, TX, for expenditure and investments.

Solar Costs

To calculate the amount of money a homeowner can save, you have to look at the solar costs. At the moment, the average cost for solar in Hardin, TX, is 2.77 per watt. Another factor to consider which affects solar prices is the federal investment tax credit.

The investment tax credit took effect at the beginning of the last decade at 30%. It has been instrumental in the 49% annual growth in the past decade. The incentive has declined over the years, and it is now at 22%. It helps reduce the solar installation costs considerably.

6 kW system can power an average home in Hardin, TX. The system costs about 16,620. When you consider the federal tax incentive, the amount reduces to $12,963.6.

Total solar costs: 2.77 price per watt × 6000 = $16,620

ITC incentive: 16,620 × 22% ITC = $3,656.4

Net Costs: 16,620 – 3,656.4 = $12,963.

Savings Calculations

When you install solar panels, you are seeking independence and freedom from paying your electricity bill. It is good to have a system that is well-sized to supply all your energy needs. It can also generate excess energy, making you earn credit and cover your system when production is low.

Homeowners can save approximately $1500 annually from electricity bills when they start using solar energy. As a result, most allot this bill to paying for the PV system. When you use the electricity bill to pay for solar, you can pay it back within 8-9 years. Therefore, you can save about $24600 before the system is 25 years. 

Repayment duration: 12964 ÷1500 = 8.6

Solar Usage before warranty mark: 25 – 8.6 = 16.4

Total amount saved: 16.4 × 1500 = 24600

Notably, solar panels do not operate for the first 25 years and stop. They continue to generate electricity even after the warranty expires. Though production at this time can be below 80%, it is still sufficient to power your home for another decade or so. Generally, solar panels can work for about 40 years. You can gradually replace the system when electricity production lowers.

Property Value Increase from Going Solar

Apart from reducing your electricity bill, solar energy also increases the value of your property. When you install solar panels on your property, its value increases by about 4%. This increase makes your home attractive to other buyers when you put it up for sale.

The state realized this benefit and made it much more attractive for homeowners to install solar panels on their property. They introduced a 100% renewable energy property tax exemption that covers the appraised value. It paves the way for residential solar installations in Hardin, TX.

The state also protects homeowners from interference from the HOA. The state prohibits homeowner’s associations from preventing homeowners from installing solar panels on their property. Though it lays guidelines on solar installation, you should not have any complaints from this association when you go solar.

Solar energy is here to sate. It is a vast resource that the energy it emits is more than 10000 times the one required to power the world. As innovation continues to increase, this industry will keep growing. At Dynamic Slr, we ease your switch to solar. We will help monitor your system after you install a solar module. Reach out to us today.