Solar Energy Greatwood, TX

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Solar energy is not new in America. Most home and business owners have been using this resource. Such installations account for 1.7% of the total electricity generated in the country. The solar industry is always growing as many people adopt solar energy. Projections show that the USA’s solar energy sector will grow and reach almost 100 GW in 2021.

 There are about 863 sq ft covered in solar panels in Greatwood, TX. It accounts for about 15.2K kWh AC per yr of electricity in the region. Thus, providing clean and sustainable energy to come home and business owners. There is a 97% roof viability in Greatwood, TX. However, other solar installation options such as ground mounts can be a good resort if your roof is not ideal.

Dynamic Slr is a locally-based company, and we provide solar installation services in Greatwood, TX. Do you want a carefully designed solar energy system? We are the people to talk to you. Our solar installation company understand all matters solar. We will help you obtain much flexible and friendly solar financing to get you started on this journey.

Solar Energy Benefits in Greatwood, TX

When you install solar, you join the over 2.6 million individuals who have installed PVs. There are many reasons to switch to solar.

Reducing or Eliminating the Electricity Bill

You can save up to $1500 annually on electricity bills. If all your energy needs are catered to by solar, there is no need to fret. Cumulatively, the total amount for paying the utility bill for 9 years should be enough to pay for the solar energy system.

Remember, solar panels have a 25+ year lifespan. You will enjoy more than 16 years of solar energy without paying any fees or utility bills. Isn’t that an impressive amount to save over that period? You can talk to our solar experts in Greatwood, TX, for more information.

Going Green for the Environment

It is a sad reality in our times that the climate is not the way it was. A lot of greenhouse gas emissions have significantly harmed the environment. The number one contributor to the pollution in the USA is burning fossil fuels. Mostly, for transport, to power industries and to provide electricity.

When you choose solar energy, you are saying yes to clean renewable energy. There are no emissions when the solar panels are generating electricity. Thus, making it one of the best sources of electricity.

Since home and business owners started using solar, the US has offset 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. It is a great fete; however, as many users choose solar, the figure is bound to increase. For example, if all viable roofs installed solar in Greatwood, they would help void about 33K metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Help in Job Creation

Solar energy is synonymous with job creation. There has been a significant impact on the economy from the jobs created in the solar industry. The sector has employed over 334,992 people throughout the country within the past year. This figure alone is more than twice the number of people working in coal, making it one of the leading job creators.

Texas contributed about 11,333 of those solar jobs. It was the second state in solar jobs creation. When you install solar panels, you join millions in helping to sustain that industry. This growth leads to economic growth in Greatwood and the greater Texas region.  

Solar Power for Grid Security

The summers can be scorching in Greatwood, TX. As a result, many people draw from the grid to keep their homes cool. Such activities overstretch the grid, which can cause blackouts. If you install solar energy, you generate your electricity, thus reducing grid over-reliance.

Our solar panel installers in Greatwood, TX, are reliable. You will enjoy your interaction with us from the moment you call us for consultation. We give you accurate information regarding your system and design a system that can sustain your power requirements.

After the solar panel installation, we also take time to monitor the system. It helps us determine how well it is working, preventing any significant problems. When relying on the grid, you may experience power outages  when the system is stretched. Solar energy is reliable.