Solar Energy Fresno, TX

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The price of solar is at $2.78/W in Fresno, TX. Home and business owners can take advantage of this vast resource to power their homes or businesses. Did you know that one hour of sunlight can supply global energy demands for a year? Many homes in Fresno and across the state have realized the benefits of using solar energy.

If you are having a challenge choosing a solar installation company in Fresno, we are the best at what we do. We have received great reviews from customers. We break down the solar energy system and give you all the relevant information about it.

According to Google Project Sunroof data explorer, Fresno, TX has a 94% roof viability for solar installation. Such a solar panel roof coverage can generate about 130K MWh AC per yr of electricity. This is enough to help reduce 63.1K metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, thus protecting the planet.

Brief History of Solar Energy

The solar panels we install in Fresno, TX, have a 15-21% efficiency. This was not always the case. Solar energy has benefited from research and innovation. The first solar panel came into the picture in 1954 in Bell Labs.

The pioneer photovoltaic cells converted sunlight to electricity at about 4% efficiency. Adopting solar energy was a bit slow at the beginning. However, through government intervention, there were 3.8 gigawatts (GW) of solar PV installation Q3 2020. This led to a total of 88.9 GW installed capacity, enough to power over 16.4 million homes.

As a Fresno, TX resident, you can join this growing number of American homes. At Dynamic Slr, we help revolutionize this fast-growing industry. Our solar panel installers are unmatched in their service delivery. We also provide quality solar panels with long-term warranties.

Cost of Solar In Fresno, TX

Solar panels cost about $2.78/W. There are various sized solar panels that you can install in your home. Always remember solar sizing is essential. Through sizing, you get the most accurate estimate of your solar energy demands.

Reach out to us at Dynamic Slr if you are unsure about it this. We can provide a free solar quote based on your electricity bill. However, we can also perform an onsite evaluation to get the best.

You can install a 3, 4, 5, or 10 kW system. However, on average most homes in Fresno, TX, can rely on a 6kW system. The government has helped to subsidize the solar costs by offering the ITC or investment tax credit. For this year, it is at 22%. So, a homeowner installing the 6 kW system would invest about $13,011 instead of $16,680.

Cutting a few thousand off that bill makes PV investment much more affordable. We have partnered with financial institutions to provide solar financing. It can be in the form of solar loans or solar leases, depending on your preference. You can call us and speak to our friendly team for more information.

Saving Money with Solar

The best thing about solar is the potential energy bill savings you can enjoy. Divert the monthly $120 to $150 you pay the electricity company to pay for your solar energy system. That’s on average, $1500 annually.

If you invest in solar, you can pay up the $13,011 in about 9 years’ worth of electricity bills saved. After that, you continue to enjoy free electricity for the entire solar panel’s productivity years. Cutting off the electricity bill from the budget can help average homes in Fresno, TX, save about $24,000 for a system with a 25-year lifeline. The amount can be higher for those products with a longer warranty.

Solar panels continue to generate electricity even after the indicated warranty duration elapses. However, the production can drop to below 80% after 25 years. At this point, you can boost output by adding solar panels to the array.

Get Solar Energy in Fresno, TX, Today

Apart from saving money, solar energy helps in conserving the planet. Now is an excellent time to address climate change as we can see its effects firsthand. First, seasons have changed, thus affecting farming. There are great calamities that follow historical storms that we have experienced in TX.

You can hire our leading PV installers in Fresno, TX, to help you start this seamless solar journey. You gain from the ease of obtaining permits, quality products, and professional installation. We also help you monitor your system to ensure it is working correctly. Call us today.