Solar Energy El Lago, TX

Do you want to go solar in El Lago and say goodbye to the hefty utility bills? Contact the best solar panel installers- Dynamic Slr.​

Did you know that in Texas, HOA cannot restrict you from installing solar panels? They also cannot regulate where you can place your solar panels. This law protects homeowners who want to install solar PV modules on their property.

There is 91% of viable roofs in El Lago, TX, about 1.2M sq ft of roof space. It is a capacity for 16.4 MW DC or 20.3K MWh AC per yr (Project Sunroof data explorer). This is enough to meet the electricity demand for residents of El Lago, TX. Solar energy use in the country has been on the rise. However, it makes up about 1.7% of total US electricity.

At Dynamic Slr, we offer solar panel installation services in El Lago, TX, for residential and commercial premises. Our solar products are high quality and have long term warranties. You can contact us and get a free solar quote.

Cost of Solar in El Lago, TX

Solar installation costs have reduced by about 82% in the last decade. We can attribute this change to the economic growth in the industry. As many people continue to switch to solar, it helps the sector grow, leading to reduced prices.

Currently, solar costs are around 2.8 per watt in El Lago, TX. Businesses’ electricity demands are high and, as a result, require a large solar capacity. For this reason, commercial solar installations are much lower.

The cost of solar is affected by federal government incentives. At the moment, you receive a 22% tax incentive when you install solar panels on your property. At the beginning of the last decade, the subsidy was 30%, which helped increase installations by 49% annually. The percentage later reduced to 26%.

The incentives come to an end this year, 2021, for residential installations. However, commercial premises will continue to enjoy the subsidy. However, it will drop to 10%. You should take advantage of the incentive as early as now. It reduces the installation costs significantly, as the table below will show.

solar energy cost

The ITC incentive helps homeowners acquire solar energy at a subsidized rate. You can contact us at Dynamic Slr to have a conversation about your solar energy demands. We use your electricity bill to assess your consumption and visit your home for a site assessment. It allows us to know the number of solar panels that you can install.

Buy Back Option for Solar

The goal for choosing solar is to ease or eliminate your electricity bills. To do so, you need your system to produce enough electricity for your home. Besides, the system can also produce excess electricity to the grid. The surplus energy earns you credit, which you can utilize when the output reduces.

The solar PV modules’ production reduces when it’s cloudy by about 25%. Utility companies offer the buyback plan as Texas does not have a state-mandated net-metering policy. Some homeowners include solar batteries to cater for the low-production days.

At Dynamic Slr, we have the best team to design and install your system. Our solar panel installers in El Lago can also give you tips on maintaining your system, keeping it in the best condition.

Solar Panels Lifespan

Solar panels have a long lifespan, and most manufacturers give 25+ year warranties to guarantee the product’s quality. The warranty covers the gradual loss of production due to degradation.

On Average solar panels lose about 1% of production each year they are in use. The warranty guarantees solar panels will have about 80% production by the time they hit the 25-year mark. If the output lowers considerably before that duration, they replace and repair the modules.

After the 25th year, solar panels still have increased production. On average, homeowners can save about $24,600 by the time solar panels hit this mark. Estimations show that solar panels can work for almost 40 years. This longevity makes solar panels a worthy investment.

Taking care of your solar PV array can help increase this lifespan. Our solar installation services in El Lago, Tx,  are unmatched. Talk to us at Dynamic Slr for all matters solar.