Solar Energy Devers, TX

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Choosing solar energy is the best way to reduce your electricity costs as a home or business owner. Most Americans are coming to this realization as there are over 8.9 GW of solar energy installed. Over the next five years, 107 GWdc of solar power will be installed across the country.

Flexible repayments terms after solar financing have allowed many Devers, TX residents to access solar energy. Solar leases and loans can help you install a solar panel system, which you can repay using the same or lower amount you spend on electricity.

We cannot underscore the economic value of installing solar panels. Once you install solar panels, your electricity costs reduce to $0. At Dynamic Slr, we offer unmatched solar panel installation services in Devers, TX. You can give us a call and receive a free solar quote.

How Much Can I Save By Going Solar in Devers, TX?

Do you want to know the amount of money you can save with solar? Well, you can save about $24,000 within the first 25 years of using the system. Are you wondering how you can do this? We are going to take you through a few calculations to see how you can achieve this.

Solar Costs

To know how much you will save from solar, you need to know how much you will invest in the project. First, let’s look at the price of solar in Devers, TX. Residential solar installation in Devers, TX, costs about $2.77 per watt. You can comfortably get enough energy to power your home from a 6 kW solar PV system.

Such a system’s overall cost is $16,620. Installing solar panels gives you a chance to enjoy federal tax credit at 22% of the overall costs. Implementation of this incentive has led to exponential growth of about 49% each year in the solar industry. The actual costs calculations are:

Total solar costs: 2.77 price per watt × 6,000 = $16,620

ITC incentive: 16,620 × 22% ITC = $3,656.4

Net Costs: 16,620 – 3,656.4 = $12,963.6

Savings Calculations

The average electricity bill for many homes in Devers, TX, is about $1500 annually. When purchasing solar, most buyers choose to pay it using this annual electricity amount. As a result, it takes them about 9 years to fully repay the solar PV system. Once you have repaid the energy system, you can enjoy free electricity for the next 16 years before the 25-year mark.

Repayment duration: 12964 ÷1500 = 8.6

Solar Usage before warranty mark: 25 – 8.6 = 16.4

Total amount saved: 16.4 × 1500 = 24600

As you can see, you can save a considerable amount when you choose to go solar. It is worth mentioning that the solar panels do not stop working after the 25th year. Solar panels can maintain production for about 40 years. Taking care of your solar PV arrays can give them a longer lifespan. As we install the solar panels, we can give you a few tips to ensure you know how to keep the system in perfect condition.

Solar Panel Installation Company in Devers, TX

It matters a lot who installs your solar panels. First, they need to be qualified solar installers with experience. There a lot of technical skills and knowledge required to ensure PV modules will perform effectively. They should also know how to size your system, be it commercial or residential.

Ideal solar panel installers should also be locally-based. As a result, they understand the perfect conditions, such as the roof’s orientation requirement. They also know the peak sunlight hours in the region, which helps in sizing the system. At Devers, TX, there are about 4.92 hours of peak sunlight per day.

Warranties and Installers Insurance

There are specific business licenses and insurance policies that each solar panel installer should have. These licenses can cover contracting, home improvement, and others. Furthermore, it is essential to have general liability insurance.

At Dynamic Slr, we offer solar panel installation in Devers, TX. Our aim is to meet and exceed all the requirements. We have all the relevant government documents guaranteeing that we work as advertised. We provide the best installation services for a seamless transition to solar energy.