Solar Energy Dayton Lakes, TX

Are you looking for reliable solar panel installation company in Dayton Lakes, TX? Dynamic Slr has got your back.

The solar industry has been making headlines for many years and for the right reasons. In the last decade, the solar sector growth rate has been 49% each year. Currently, there are over 89 gigawatts (GW) of solar capacity in the country. This capacity is enough to provide energy to 16 million homes.

The price for installing solar panels has reduced by about 70% in the last decade. This price reduction has led to expansion into new markets. As the industry grew, it also led to more innovation and technological advancement. Due to that, you can buy wearable solar such as backpacks and floating solar panels placed on dams, among others.

Installing solar panels is one way you can help your business reduce overhead costs. It also gives you a cushion against traditional price volatility. Solar energy for businesses also gives you a ‘green credit’ among your consumers, thus increasing profit. You can talk to our solar panel installers in Dayton Lakes, TX, for a free solar quote.

Solar Energy for Job Creation

Economic advancement is crucial in each state. It can happen through new industries and job creation. Solar energy is one such new industry that is helping with job creation in Texas. There are over 250,000 Americans employed in the solar industry.

These jobs in solar have increased by 167% in the last decade. This growth is about 5 times faster than the overall increase of employment in the country. Texas has about 11000 jobs created in the solar industry. When you install solar panels on your property, you participate in creating jobs across the state.

Our team of solar PV installers in Dayton Lakes, TX, offers the best services. First, we ensure that we carefully evaluate your property to ensure we install the right number of solar panels. They also help install add-ons such as trackers or a solar storage system.

Solar Energy Incentives in Dayton Lakes, TX

Investment Tax Credit

The growth in the solar industry has been a result of strong federal policies. The investment tax credit policy set out to give a 30% credit to people who install solar panels. This ITC is open to individuals and commercial installations.

If you installed solar panels in the last decade, you received a 30% tax credit of the total installation costs. It allowed many homeowners to afford solar. Over the last three years, the percentage reduced to 26%. Currently, the ITC is at 22%and the government will scrap it off at the end of the year.

You can take advantage of this offer and install solar panels. With the current solar price at 2.77 per watt in Dayton Lakes, TX, you can save a few bucks. On average, most homes install a 6 kW system, which can cost around $16,620 without the credit.

When you include the investment tax credit, you can pay about $12,963.6. You end up saving around $3,656.4, an amount you may end up paying if you install the panels next year. If you had started the solar installation process last year, you could still enjoy the 26% tax credit.

Notably, commercial installations will still benefit from the ITC next year. However, the percentage will reduce to 10%. Call our solar panel installation company in Dayton Lakes, TX, to start the process today and save a few thousand dollars.

Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption

Your property increases its value by about 4% when you install solar PV modules. This increase in value is an added benefit of switching to solar. It makes it easier to sell your home as it makes it attractive to buyers. Thus, the state offers a 100% renewable energy property tax exemption for the increased value.

Buyback Option

The goal for most homeowners when they install solar energy is to save money. When you connect your solar energy system to the grid, you want to derive many more benefits from it. It happens in the form of receiving credit for the excess energy your system produces.  

This credit allows you to tap into the grid and when the output reduces without incurring extra costs. Remember, the solar panels’ production is affected by about 25% when there are clouds. If your system is experiencing an issue or undergoing maintenance, you can still enjoy free electricity from the utility company due to the credit.

Solar energy is a vast resource that is virtually free. It cannot be metered to reduce productivity. Talk to us today at Dynamic Slr and hop on to this world-changing solar idea.