Solar Energy Cove, TX

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Solar energy reduces the operating costs in businesses. It provides immediate access to power and long-term saving opportunities compared to traditional electricity. Traditional electricity prices are subject to market whims that govern the cost of fossil fuels. Thus, making electricity costs much more unpredictable.

On the other hand, solar energy is a vast resource available across the country. This ready availability makes it more appealing as anyone can benefit from it. The earth receives about 173,000 terawatts of solar energy at any given moment, which exceeds the entire world’s energy demand by over 10,000 times.

At Dynamic Slr, we take pride in the quality of our solar panel installation services in Cove, TX. Our solar array designs are also impeccable, and the products come with long-term warranties.

Solar Energy Benefits for Business in Cove, TX

The significant reduction of solar energy prices makes it an attractive resource for businesses. If you want to reduce your operating costs, you can choose to install solar panels for energy provision. Since most business’s peak operations happen when the sun is shining, you get to enjoy the full benefit of solar.

When businesses install solar, they can mitigate risk while freeing up more capital for investments. Solar energy costs are predictable over the lifespan of the PV modules. As a result, you shelter your business from price volatility giving you a competitive edge.

Another benefit for businesses to choose solar is the attractive tax incentives. There’s a federal government financial incentive to commercial premises that choose solar. Currently, you can receive a 22% tax credit. This incentive reduces to 10% from next year.

You can contact Dynamic Slr for a site evaluation to determine the number of solar panels you require. We source our solar products from the best manufacturers in the industry. Remember, choosing solar for your business also communicates your commitment to saving the environment to your customers.

Solar Incentives in Cove, TX

The growth in the solar industry is attributable to incentives from federal and state governments.

Federal Tax Credit

First, the federal government introduced a 30% tax credit at the beginning of the last decade. It has benefited both commercial and residential installations. As a result, solar installations grew by 49% each year in the last decade.

The federal government extended the investment tax; however, it was to 26% from 2018. Currently, the ITC is at 22%. Did you know that this is the last year for you to enjoy this incentive as a homeowner?

Take advantage of the tax incentive and install solar panels today. Our solar experts in Cove, TX, are ready to guide you through the process. We make the transition smooth by handling all the permit, design, engineering, and installation services.

Buyback option

It is good to have a system that generates excess energy. When your system is grid-tied, you receive credit for your solar panels’ surplus energy. You can use this credit to draw from the utility company when your system’s production reduces, for example, during maintenance or when it’s cloudy. Clouds reduce the output of the solar panels to about 25%.

Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption

One of the benefits of solar is an increase in your property’s value. This would attract an increased property tax. However, the state introduced the renewable energy property tax exemption. As a result, you receive a 100% tax exemption on the increased value. Thus, as a homeowner, you can enjoy the 4% property value increase.

Solar Panel Installation in Cove, TX

Solar makes life easy and convenient. It is an endless resource that you can tap into to power your home and business. Though you require a considerable initial investment, you end up saving a lot of money in the long run. Solar panels can last for about 40 years, which means you can enjoy free energy for several decades.

The reduced electricity cost means more profitability for businesses and more savings for homeowners. As a locally-based solar installation company, and our clients are our treasured neighbors. Our solar installers are qualified to provide the best services.

Once we install the system, we like to monitor its performance. Monitoring helps us ensure correct installation and capacity to meet the expected output. We can also to make any suggestions or corrections to the system as a result. For users who want to consider additional installations, such as trackers, we can advise. Contact us at Dynamic Slr today.