Solar Energy in Clear Lake Shores, TX

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From 2% panel efficiency in 1955 to 15-20% today, innovation in the solar energy industry is rising. Today, we have solar modules on roofs, farms, vehicles, and floating on water. Solar is also a significant part of space exploration as it is the most abundant source of energy.

Clear Lake Shores, TX, has about 88% solar-viable roofs (Project Sunroof data explorer). You do not have to be left out if you have a small roof. Homeowners without viable roofs can also choose other ways to enjoy solar such as ground-mounted solar.

Our expertise in solar energy makes us your solar panel installers of choice. We also have professional project managers and solar system designers for commercial installation. We help companies with a seamless transition to solar energy by designing an efficient system to meet their needs.

Solar System Sizing in Clear Lake Shores, TX

When you install solar panels on your property, it should cater to all your electricity demands. Having a properly sized system is the best way to go about this. Our solar experts in Clear Lake Shores, TX, can conduct an in-home assessment.

We will assess your property to know the number of solar panels you can install during the visit. Factors such as shading can affect PV’s output as well as their effectiveness. As a result, your expected electricity reduces, which can make you dependent on the grid.  

We also advise on the amount of sunlight your panels can capture. Looking at your electricity bill also shows the number of PV modules you can install to maximize production. We can also talk about the savings you can expect from solar. Going solar allows you to benefit from the buyback option for any excess energy your system produces.

Are you worried about the whole process of going solar? You can rest assured that our team will take care of it. Additionally, we provide excellent installation to keep your system working for a long time.

Solar Energy and Climate Change

Climate change is a significant global problem. Often, people tend to feel overwhelmed by the idea of getting a solution on such a large scale. The good news is that installing solar panels on your property contributes significantly to solving the climate change problem.

On average, every American has 16 tons of carbon footprint, which is one of the highest globally. The global aim is to avoid a 2℃ rise in global temperatures by reducing these emissions to under 2 tons. Using solar energy contributes to this goal.

Since American homes and businesses started to use solar, the environment’s impact is equivalent to growing 1.7 billion trees. That is an incredible impact on the planet, which helps reduce global warming calamities.

If you want to make a lasting positive impact on the climate, our solar installers in Clear Lake Shores, TX, are a call away. Our dedication is to help you achieve this goal as you enjoy the convenience and money-saving opportunities solar offers.

Solar Financing in Clear Lake Shores, TX

At Dynamic Slr, we guide you on the best solar financing institutions. The lenders offer friendly repayment terms safeguarding your solar investment. You can choose a solar lease where you get a fixed rate, which is considerably lower than your electricity bill. You can choose to own the system at the end of the lease.

The other option is a solar loan that allows you to purchase and own the solar energy system. In this option, you benefit from tax rebates. It also has the highest return on investment as you can start to save money on bills after the system installation. You can also choose a repayment amount that is equal to or lower than your electricity bill.

Once you have purchased the PV modules, we plan and execute the project. Our solar experts handle the permit, design, and installation of the solar arrays. Solar panels should last for decades, and our installers keep this in mind. After the installation, we monitor the system to ensure it is working well.

Solar Maintenance

For you to enjoy your solar investment, you need to maintain the system. Our solar products have long-term warranties as a guarantee of their quality. However, your system requires regular support to keep it running efficiently for years. We provide this extra support as needed. If you want to add solar panels to your system, we are a call away.