Solar Energy Bunker Hill Village, TX

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Solar panels provide electricity from the inexhaustible sunlight. Though solar panels facing south have the best performance, you can invest in ground-mounted solar to enjoy this resource. 

There is over 74% of viable roof for solar installation in Bunker Hill Village, TX. It covers about 1.4M sq ft of roof space. It translates to a capacity of 19.5 MW DC or 23.4K MWh AC per yr. Installing solar panels helps you reduce or eliminate your electricity bill, thus attaining energy freedom.

Most homes in Bunker Hill Village, TX, spend an average amount of $120 per month or $1,500 annually. Removing the expense from your budget can help each household increase savings dramatically.

Solar Energy Efficiency

There has been an increase in research and development in solar energy. As a result, solar panels have increased their efficiency. Since the first silicon photovoltaic cells invention at 6% efficiency, the technology has become better, allowing higher production.

Currently, solar panels’ efficiency ranges from 15-21%. The highest recorded efficiency is at 43% though researchers used advanced cell structures. However, it’s worth noting that panels with super high efficiency are not made for rooftop installations making them more expensive.

As technology advances, solar panels for roof installations will become more efficient. This efficiency will lead to higher production, which will mean that homeowners will need fewer arrays to have enough electricity. It will also become ideal for homeowners with small roofs.

Are you wondering if your roof is ideal for solar panel installation in Bunker Hill Village, TX? Call Dynamic Slr today. With your address, we can identify your building as well as its solar capabilities. We can also advise on your roof’s orientation and shading, which are essential factors to consider when choosing rooftop installations.

Additionally, we can advise on alternative solar panel installations in cases where your roof is not ideal. Our solar experts can also provide a free solar estimate based on the information you will give us.

A case for Solar in Bunker Hill Village, TX

There are numerous reasons to install solar panels. Here are some which may compel you to go solar in Bunker Hill Village, TX.

Saving Money

A penny saved is a penny earned, as the saying goes. Solar energy allows you to do just that. Solar power gives you the freedom to say goodbye to your electricity bill. By doing so, you enjoy free electricity for many years.

How do you save with solar? Solar energy will cost you the initial investment. However, over time, you will get rid of your electricity bills. If you are worried about financing, we’ve got you covered. We have partnered with the best solar financing institutions. As a result, you access solar loans or leases to get you on the path to eradicating your energy bill.

Most homeowners allocate their electricity bill to paying for solar. As a result, they can repay the PV system by the 9th year, thereby enjoying free electricity for the system’s entire lifespan.

Solar costs

Solar cost estimate: 2.77 price per watt × 6,000 = 16,620

ITC incentive: 22% × 16,620 = 3,656

Net Cost (Total Cost – ITC): 16,620 – 3,656 = 12,964

Amount Saved

Repayment duration: 12,964 ÷ 1,500 = 8.6

Solar Usage before warranty mark: 25 – 8.6 = 16.4

Total amount saved: 16.4 × 1,500 = 24,600

Though we have calculated with 25 years, solar panels can last about 40 years. This means that you continue to save money long after the warranty period has expired.

Green Impact

The world is in dire need of clean and sustainable energy. First, to help save the environment, and secondly, to keep economies running. Solar is one such energy. It is readily available for exploitation. 

Did you know that if each viable in Bunker Hill Village TX installed solar, it would help void about 11.4K metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions (Project Sunroof data explorer)? This translates to growing 292K tree seedlings for 10 years. This reduction of carbon emissions helps fight global warming. As a result, nations can avoid extreme weather conditions, rising sea levels, and dwindling water resources.

As many people rely on solar energy, reliance on fossil fuels reduces. Due to this, there is increased air quality, which reduces conditions such as asthma. At Dynamic Slr, we carefully walk our customers through the decision to switch to solar. We explain all the system features to ensure you know how to motor your system’s productivity. Talk to us today.