Solar Energy Brookshire, TX

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Currently, there is a global climate change that is highly notable. Most businesses and innovations are centered around a low-carbon economy. The realization of fossil fuel limitations and adverse effects on the environment is the driving force.

Notably, residents of Brookshire, TX, are adopting this energy shift and choosing solar. Are you looking for reliable solar panel installation services in Brookshire, TX? At Dynamic Slr, we have the solution. We provide quality PV modules and the best installation services.

You can contact us for a free solar quote. We rely on the information that you give us and your utility bill for this estimate. However, our solar experts also do a site visit for an accurate assessment. It also informs us about the best approach to take based on your roof. You can call us today and join the over 2 million American homes using solar energy today.

Incentives for Solar in Brookshire, TX

Since the beginning of the last decade, there has been a 49% growth in the solar industry annually. You can attribute this growth to several incentives both from federal and state governments. Solar prices have also reduced drastically over the last decade, making it affordable to most people.

Federal Tax

The most impactful solar energy incentive across the country came from the federal government. They introduced the investment tax credit or ITC to help cushion the cost of solar installations. The credit is available to home and business owners.

Initially, the government offered a 30% tax incentive for the total cost of solar installation. After that, it dropped to 26% and currently, it is at 22%. Home and business who take up this over receive a tax credit when they install the solar arrays.

Though ITC has led to phenomenal growth in the solar industry, the government plans to scrap it off by the end of the year. However, commercial installations will continue to enjoy a 10% incentive. You can contact our solar module installers in Brookshire, TX, and take advantage of this rebate before scrap-off.

Buyback Option

Most states have a mandated statewide net-metering policy. However, it’s not available in Texas. But homeowners in Texas can enjoy rebates from local utility companies for the excess energy the system produces. The received credit also allows you to tap on to the grid if your PV system’s production fails to meet your needs. It can happen mostly on cloudy days where the energy harnessed reduces to about 25%.

Renewable Property Tax Exemption

Fact: Your property value increases by about 4% when you install solar panels. As a Brookshire, TX resident, you benefit from a 100% tax exemption on the appraised value. This tax exemption is a state policy that encourages home and business owners to install solar panels on their properties.

Solar Costs in Brookshire, TX

The average price of solar panels in Brookshire, TX, is $2.77 per watt for residential. However, commercial installations can have considerably lower costs due to the size of the project. Most homeowners want to know the overall costs for any project, and solar is no different.


A 6 kW system can comfortably power an average home in Brookshire, TX. It can cost about $16,620 before you factor in the ITC credit. When you do so, the amount reduces to $12,963.6.

Total costs: 2.77 price per watt × 6000 = $16,620

ITC incentive: 16,620 × 22% ITC = $3,656.4

Net Costs: 16620 – 3,656.4 = $12,963.6

If your utility costs are about $1,500 annually, like most residents, it can take you about 9 years to repay that investment. Once you have repaid the investment, you continue to enjoy free electricity for years.

Though most solar manufacturers give a warranty of about 25 years, the solar panels continue to work. The warranty duration covers a 10% loss of production within the first year and another 10% after that. By the 25 year-mark, the solar panels may have 80% production. It’s worth noting that they can continue to generate electricity for about 40 years or so.

Our PV modules come with long-term warranties. Additionally, we give you helpful information to keep your solar panels effectively producing electricity for a long time. Our solar panel installation company also offers experts to help maintain the system’s optimal production. Call Dynamic Slr today and start saving money through solar today.