Solar Energy Brazoria, TX

Are you looking for solar panels for your home or business in Brazoria, TX? Get the best solar product & service prices from Dynamic Slr.

Solar energy is the best way for you to gain control over your energy bills. You can install the PV system on your property and use solar energy to power your home. It is sufficient to heat, cool, and light up your house, just like utility companies’ power.

At Dynamic Slr, we provide solar panel installation in Brazoria, TX, at the most affordable market rates. Our solar experts use factors such as your roof’s orientation, space to help determine the best solar panels to install. We also provide ground-mounted solar installation services if your roof is not suitable to hold the PV modules.

Our solar products have a long-term warranty, which is a guarantee of quality. We understand that installing solar panels is a long term investment. As such, we provide only the best to our customers. You can contact us for a free solar quote. A basic 5 kW is enough to power most homes in Brazoria, TX.

Solar Energy Investment in Brazoria, TX

With the sun generating over 173,000 terawatts at any moment, it makes perfect sense to exploit the potential. One of the most significant advantages of using solar is saving money. Solar energy is a free resource, and all you need is to invest in a useful solar array to start enjoying it. 

Choosing solar can save a homeowner about $24,000 for the first 25 years of using the system. Solar costs are about $12,964 for a 6kW system, which is enough to power your home. You arrive at this figure when you deduct the 22% investment tax credit offered by the federal government.

Solar Costs: $2.77 per watt × 6,000 = 16,620

ITC incentive: 22% × 16,620 = 3,656

Net Cost (Total Cost – ITC): 16,620 – 3,656 = 12,964

Most homeowners allocate utility bills to pay for solar when they install the modules. This is an average amount of $1,500 per year. When you divide that with solar costs, it can take you about 8-9 years to pay for your system. For the next 16 years, before the system reaches the 25-year mark, you can enjoy electricity for free, thereby saving $24,000.

Repayment duration: 12964 ÷1500 = 8.6

Solar Usage before warranty mark: 25 – 8.6 = 16.4

Total amount saved: 16.4 × 1,500 = 24,600

It’s worth noting that solar panels are still effective after the warranty period expires. You can use solar panels for over 40 years, where you can continue to enjoy free electricity.

Help Solve Climate Change Challenge

It makes economic sense to use solar energy in your business or home. Apart from saving money with solar, you also save the planet. Most states had warmed by 1.5 degrees in 2016. The state expected to be hit the hardest by the effects of global warming is Texas.

Events such as wildfires, extreme weather conditions, and reduction of water resources in Texas could be catastrophic. As a Brazoria, TX resident, you help alleviate this problem by using solar energy.

The PV modules do not produce emissions when generating electricity. Since adopting solar energy, Americans have helped void about 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Over-reliance on fossil fuels to generate electricity is harmful to the environment. At Dynamic solar, we help our clients switch to solar to help reduce the climate change effects. Our solar installation company near Brazoria, TX, evaluates your electricity needs and design a perfect solar system. 

Solar Incentives in Brazoria, TX

Apart from the federal government 22% ICT tax, there are incentives from local government that help users choose solar energy. The buyback option is one such incentive. It is commonly known that clouds can affect the performance of solar energy panels by about 75%. When this happens, your expected production reduces. As a result, you may be short on the required energy to run your home. 

The buyback option helps address this situation. It allows you to receive credit from your utility company when your system produces excess energy. This credit covers your energy bills when your system’s production reduces.

Additionally, your property’s value increases when you install solar panels. Thus, the state gives homeowners who install solar panels 100% tax exemption on the appraised value. The state has a property tax exemption incentive to cater for this 4% home value increase. You can talk to our solar installation experts in Brazoria, TX, for all information relating to solar.