Solar Energy Bellville, TX

Do you want to go solar in Bellville, TX? Dynamic's got you covered!

Fossil fuels cannot compare to the sun’s energy. Additionally, there are many problems related to these resources, such as air pollution and global warming. When solar panels are generating electricity, there are no emissions. Thus, solar energy is one of the sources of clean, renewable energy with an unlimited supply. The sun generates about 173,000 terawatts at any moment.

Fossil fuels are depletable, causing shortage affecting the world prices. However, no entity on earth can meter the sun’s energy. Besides, it is also available to everyone across the world.

Solar energy is one of the easiest renewable energies to harness. When you look at wind energy, you will need turbines that are labor-intensive to put up. All you need to install is solar panels. The project can take about a week for residential but a bit longer for commercial installations due to the capacity.

At Dynamic Slr, we provide the best solar installation services in Bellville, TX. We can advise on the duration it will take to install the panels during our visit to assess and evaluate the site. Additionally, we source our solar products from the best manufacturers, and they come with long-term warranties.

Solar Energy and Job Creation

Any new industry provides an avenue for economic growth through employment. The solar industry is one such industry as it has created millions of jobs across the world. Closer home, there are over 11,433 jobs created across the state. 

When you choose to go solar, you help create jobs and sustain the solar energy industry. Did you know that solar and wind energy contributes to 2 out of every 5 construction jobs? Solar energy surpassed and doubled the number of people the coal industry employs. It is a great benefit also for the environment as it stresses the sustainability of solar.

Solar System Sizing

There are many components of a PV system. Such include the PV module, solar charge controller, inverter, load, and others such as batteries or additional energy sources. For this reason, you need the best installers to handle the PV system installation.

At Dynamic Slr, we promise and deliver the best in all matters solar. Designing your PV system is the first step in this promise. We do this by determining the amount of energy you require to power your home. 

The other step in sizing the system is looking at the peak hours in the area. You experience about 4.8 hours of fixed sunlight per day. However, adding a tracker almost doubles those hours to 8.1 hours per day. 

Our solar panel installers in Belleville also consider your preferred module size. We can make recommendations to our clients. The inverter size is also a crucial thing to get right. Remember, most problems with solar energy systems start with the inverter. We also consider factors such as tying your system to the grid to get the best PV system. 

Solar Energy Costs in Bellville

At the moment, solar panels cost about $2.78/W in Bellville. About a decade ago this cost was above $8 per watt. The current price is a dramatic decline over that short duration. Increased research and innovation have led to this decline. Solar costs will keep reducing as the industry grows.

If you install a 5kW system, the solar costs can range between $11,815 to $15,985. However, you have access to the investment tax credit or ITC offered by the federal government. Currently, that incentive is at 22% and removes a couple of thousands from the solar costs. The ITC has made solar energy affordable to homeowners. If you are looking for solar panel installers on this side of the state, we’ve got you covered.

Solar Panels Lifespan

Though solar costs are subject to the amount of energy you demand, they make for a significant investment in the long run. One main reason for this is their long lifespan. Some people can get stuck on the 25+ years manufacturer warranty. However, they can last longer than this.

The warranty covers the annual 1% degradation, which guarantees 90% output within the first ten years and 80% by the end of the warranty period. However, solar panels’ production is still high, even at the end of the warranty period. In some areas with a moderate climate, the 1% of degradation dramatically reduces to about 0.2%. As a result, such panels can have high productivity for over 40 years.

An investment in solar panels is long-term. It offers you free electricity freeing you from the monthly utility bill. Talk to Dynamic Solar and begin this liberating journey.