Solar Energy Bayou Vista, TX

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According to Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018), about 1.1M sq ft of roof space is viable for solar panel installation in Bayou Vista, TX. This can lead to 20.3K MWh AC per yr of electricity production in the area. The impact on the environment is phenomenal, where it can translate to 9.9K metric tons of carbon dioxide voided.

Installing solar panels on your property also gives energy freedom and helps you reduce your electricity bill. Savings from solar panels before they hit the 25 -year mark can amount to almost $24,000. These figures are from a 6kW system calculated using the average annual electricity bill at $1,500.

You can contact us at Dynamic Slr to start the solar journey. We have the best solar panel installers in Bayou Vista. We give you the best experience as you switch to solar energy. If your system requires additional installations such as trackers, power optimizers, and solar storage, we are the best team for the job.

Why Choose Solar Energy in Bayou Vista TX?

Choosing solar energy can be the best decision home and business owners can make. If you are not yet convinced about why going solar matters, here are a few reasons to consider.

1. Solar Energy Saves You Money

Let’s say that you are currently paying your electricity company in Bayou Vista, TX, $1,500 annually. This cost is constant in your budget all year as energy demands never change. Also, due to the increasing costs of electricity, the figure is bound to rise each year.

Now, if you choose to allocate the sum to spend on electricity for solar panel installation, you can get rid of your energy bills within 8-9 years. You can also save more than $24,000 within the first 25 years of solar panel installation. Are you wondering how that is possible? Let’s do the math.

Solar Costs

Solar energy costs about $2.77 per watt in Bayou Vista, TX. A 6 kW system can power your home. Also, the government extends the investment tax credit to homeowners who install solar panels. Currently, it is at 22%.

Total costs of solar panel: 2.77 cost per watt × 6,000 = 16,620

Calculating the ITC incentive: 22% × 16,620 = 3,656

The actual cost after deducting the ITC: 16,620 – 3,656 = 12,964


When calculating the savings, you need to keep in mind the annual electricity you can allocate to pay the solar bills. It allows you to get the duration you will need to pay the solar costs.

Calculating repayment duration: 12,964 ÷1500 = 8.6 years

25 years solar warranty duration – 8.6 expected repayment duration = 16.4 of free solar use

Total saving by the 25-year mark: 16.4 × 1,500 = 24,600

As you can see, you will be saving a lot of money when you install solar panels in your home. You can talk to us for a free solar quote. We also have great partnerships with solar financing institutions ideal for you. They have friendly repayment terms for solar loans and leases.

2. Solar Helps Save the Planet

Climate change is an issue that we can’t ignore. World over, governments and institutions are making changes to address this calamity. As a Bayou Vista resident, you can join hands with millions of people and help solve the problem.

Did you know that by 2016, most states had warmed up by 1.5 degrees? Sadly, the effects of global warming are expected to hit Texas the hardest. The environmental impact will range from rising sea levels, wildfires, extreme weather, and water resources.

Those are devastating effects. However, as many people continue to use solar energy, there is hope to alleviate the impact. Solar power use helps in conserving water resources by reducing reliance on the grid. It also curbs emissions of harmful gases that directly affect the ozone layer.

3. Using Solar Energy to Improve Your Health

Using solar energy also helps curb air pollution, which can cause health challenges. Breathing polluted air can adversely affect your health. While generating electricity from fossil fuels, a lot of harmful gases are released into the environment. Consequently, the quality of the air we breathe reduces. Asthma, Allergies, and bronchitis are some of the challenges linked to air pollution.

As many businesses and homeowners choose to use solar energy, it voids harmful emissions from fossil fuels. Solar energy is clean, and there are no emissions when solar panels are generating electricity.

Are you convinced about switching to solar? Talk to the best solar panel installers in Bayou Vista today for comprehensive information.