Solar Energy Anahuac, TX

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One hour of the sun’s energy is enough to power the world for a year. At any moment, the sun generates 173,000 terawatts, which is more than 10,000 times the energy required to power the whole world. For this reason, research and development which had begun in the last century made much sense.

The invention of the silicon photovoltaic cells in 1954 by Bell Laboratories set the pace for the solar industry’s growth. From its use in homes to space exploration, solar energy is making a mark in the world. As a source of clean energy, solar is becoming the best form of renewable energy to utilize.

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Solar Panel Installation Services in Anahuac, TX

After hearing about potential savings with solar, it is good to get a reliable company to handle all the work. Steps such as determining your actual solar energy requirements are crucial to achieve the goal of saving money. Apart from sizing your system, a solar installation company in Anahuac, TX, with a good reputation should be handle all the necessary paperwork effectively.

We are masters of solar at Dynamic Slr company. We handle all the necessary details for our clients, ensuring they experience the best transition. Apart from that, we strive to offer relevant information to our customers about the newly-installed solar system. With this information, you can identify any problems and give us a call as soon as possible.

Did you know solar panels can maintain productivity for about 40 years? It all depends on how you handle the system. We can provide maintenance tips to keep your system in the best condition at all times.

Solar Energy Costs in Anahuac, TX

As the solar industry has evolved and grown with time, its prices have also dramatically reduced. For example, at the beginning of the last decade, solar costs were above $8 per watt. However, solar costs in Anahuac, TX, are at about 2.77 per watt today. Therefore, installation prices for a 6 kW, which can sustain most homes, has declined from above $51,000 to about $16,620.

The costs further decline when you add the 22% ITC incentive. This federal subsidy is credited for the 49% annual growth of solar installations over the last decade. The costs for the system reduces to $12,964 when you deduct the tax incentive.

Other Solar Incentives

The most significant incentive for going solar is the 22% federal investment tax credit (ITC). However, other state incentives have made it possible for users in Anahuac, TX, to enjoy the switch to solar.

Buyback Option

One of the state incentives is the buyback option from various utility providers. Currently, Texas does not have a state-mandated net-metering policy. However, utility companies can give you credit for the excess energy that your solar energy system generates. You can use this credit later if you get an issue with your system or when the production is low. Remember, the PV system loses about 25% of production during cloudy days.

Property Tax Exemption

One notable benefit of installing solar panels on your property is the appraised value. The increase in the value of your property is at about 4%. The state has made it possible for solar energy owners to enjoy this increased value by tax exemption of the increase.

Additionally, solar panels make your home much more attractive to buyers. It makes it easier for you to sell the property when you put it up for sale.

Go Solar in Anahuac, TX

You derive many benefits when you choose solar energy. First, you save a lot more on your energy bills. Once you reach a solar break-even point, you enjoy free electricity and continue to save the average $1,500 energy bill.

Choosing solar also helps you save the environment. An average person in the US has an average of 16 tons of carbon footprint. Choosing solar energy helps address this problem. You can talk to at Dynamic Slr today for all your solar needs.