Solar Energy Aldine, TX

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The amount of sun that hits the earth in an hour is enough to supply the world’s total energy demand for a year. Such is the power of using solar energy. As an Aldine resident, you can benefit from this unending resource and lower your electricity bills by about $1500 annually.

If you are experiencing the heat of increasing electricity bills, you can call us today for an in-depth conversation about going solar. You can contribute to meeting the 163 MW DC potential capacity, according to Project Sunroof data explorer.

Aldine, TX, is conveniently located, allowing for about 4.8 hours per day of peak sunlight. Though various factors can affect solar insolation daily in Aldine, TX, you can harness enough electricity to power your home. At Dynamic Slr, we have the best solar experts to design the PV system and install the module.

Since building the first silicon solar panel in 1954, the technology has come a long way. We have solar panels being installed on rooftops, ground, and also wearable solar technology. As an Aldine, TX resident, you can help increase solar energy uptake by installing the modules on your property. Dynamic Slr has unmatched solar installers well versed with rooftop installation or ground mounts, depending on your preference.

Reason for Choosing Solar in Aldine, TX

Apart from having sufficient peak hours, thus guaranteeing enough electricity for your home, there are other compelling reasons to go for solar. Chiefly, solar panels are now affordable. Did you know that solar panels once sold at $77 per watt? It’s hard to believe that when you look at the current $2.7 per watt cost in Aldine, TX.

Additionally, the government has made it easier to adopt solar energy by introducing the ITC. This has enabled many homes to invest in solar energy as the total solar costs reduce dramatically. You can benefit from a 22% tax credit and the renewable energy tax offered by the state.

In addition to that dramatic reduction in cost, you can choose solar energy because panels’ efficiency has also improved. Currently, the efficiency of the solar panels ranges between 15% and 22%. As a result, smaller solar panels can generate more electricity as the sunlight hits the modules.

Rising Electricity Cost Protection Through Solar

Electricity prices have been on the rise. As an Aldine, TX resident, you can insulate yourself from this cost by choosing solar energy. Currently, the annual electricity bill is around $1500. As the prices increase annually, that average cost will also rise.

Let’s assume you invest in solar. By the 8th year of owning the system, you will most likely have paid back the initial investment. An average PV system has 25+ years of efficiency and electricity generation. Investing in solar energy saves you much more money in the long run, giving you the potential to save about $30,000 in its lifetime.  

Are you worried about initial investment capital? At Dynamic Slr, we have partnered with the best financial institutions to provide solar lease or loan packages. We also have solid PPAs to help finance your solar modules.

Solar Energy for Home Resale Value

An increase in property resale value is a welcome benefit when you install solar panel arrays. As a homeowner in Aldine, TX, you can gain about a 3-4% increase in your home’s value. Your home also sells faster when you adopt solar energy.

Additionally, as a homeowner, you also benefit from a 100% tax exemption on your property’s appraised value. The same also applies to commercial solar installations. These are more reasons to get in touch with our professional solar panel installers and receive a free solar quote.

Go Solar in Aldine, TX Today

There is a strong case for choosing solar energy, starting from the now-affordable installation costs to reducing electricity bills. Solar energy is crucial to the environment as it helps combat climate change while addressing energy security concerns. As you have seen, solar panels on your roof improve your home’s value.

As an Aldine, TX resident, you benefit from solar energy as you help with job creation. Do you still need more information about solar energy? Do not hesitate to call us; we are the best in matters solar in Texas. Start the journey to clean, renewable, and affordable energy. We can help you transit from conventional power seamlessly.