Solar Energy Hurst, TX

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Do you want to be energy independent? Solar panel installation in Hurst is the solution to the hefty electricity bills you incur every month. Hurst has around 235 sunny days every year. This is higher than the average for the USA. According to Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018), 80% of Hurst roofs are eligible for solar installation. However, the city has slightly above 50 installations.

Dynamic SLR is one of the best solar panel installers near Hurst, TX. We offer reliable services to your neighborhood. Apart from that, we have quality solar panels and accessories from the top brands in the market. As a quality guarantee, we give you long tern solar warranties. You can count on our solar installation contractors in Hurst, TX.

Our experience over the years working in Texas gives us an edge over other solar companies. We understand the dynamics of your neighborhood to install solar panels seamlessly. Your solar panel system can last for decades if you go with our services and products. Our solar panel prices are also affordable to households in Hurst.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Hurst, TX

The average cost of solar panels in Hurst, TX, is $2.7 per watt. The amount could be higher or lower depending on the capacity of the solar panel system; the bigger the size, the lower the rate. If we take a solar system of 6 kW, it would cost you around $16,200 before any incentives.

6,000 × 2.7 = 16,200

The federal government gives investment tax credit at the rate of 26% of the total cost. Previously, the rate was 30%, but it was reduced. There are plans to drop the ITC for residential solar installation by 2022. However, before then, the rate will reduce to 22% in 2021. Commercial solar installations will retain an incentive of 10% from the federal government. After the deductions, you can pay as low as $12,000 for the 6 kW solar panel system.

16,200 × 74% = 11,988


Apart from the federal government, utility companies in Hurst, TX offer limited solar rebates, which you can claim at the start of the year. You can also get incentives from green energy advocates. Texas does not have any statewide solar incentives. Take advantage of the rebates and ITC to reduce solar panel installation cost in Hurst, TX. At Dynamic SLR, we advise you about the incentives you qualify for and how to apply. You can also apply for solar financing in Hurst, TX, from our partner institutions.

How Solar Panel Installation Works

The first process in solar panel installation in Hurst, TX, is getting a cost estimate. You can get a free solar quote from Dynamic SLR at the comfort of your home. All we need is your address and your monthly electricity bills to know a system that can sustain your energy consumption. However, some factors like roof orientation, angle, future plans, and weather can affect the size.

After getting the solar quote, we then come into an agreement and start the process. We guide through the process of applying for solar permits in your neighborhood. After getting all the necessary documents, we move in full swing to install the panels on your roof. You can choose an off-grid or grid-tied solar panel system. The off-grid solar power requires storage batteries for back up on cloudy days and at night. However, the panels can retain 25% capacity on cloudy days. The grid-tied system draws energy from the utility company during sessions of low solar energy supply. When you produce excess power, it goes to the grid as credit.


We assess your roof to determine the best placement of the solar panels. They should face south to maximize energy harnessing.

Why Go Solar in Hurst?

There is every reason to opt for solar energy in Hurst over all other sources. Solar power is environmental-friendly because it does not emit harmful gases to the environment. The energy is unlimited as long as your solar panels are away from shades and clean. The panels require minimal maintenance to maintain maximum performance.

Solar energy makes economic sense and helps you to save thousands of dollars every year. You will not incur monthly electricity bills. The payback period for the solar panel system is around 8 years. Because the system can last for even more than 30 years, it means you will enjoy free energy for as long as the system is functional.