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Solar Energy Industries Association records that the solar power industry employs close to 250,000 people. The sector contributes over $20 million in revenues to the United States economy every year. Houston is one of the most targeted cities for solar installation because of the high population and favorable climate.

Considering the high number of solar panel installers, in Houston, TX, it is not easy to choose the best company. However, you can never go wrong with the services of one of the most renowned solar companies in your neighborhood- Dynamic SLR. We help you transition from conventional electricity to cleaner, cheaper and renewable source of energy- solar. 

Why Dynamic SLR Stands Out

Professional services: The desire of every homeowner in Houston, TX, is to work with a reliable solar installer. You can bet on our services, thanks to our professionalism and commitment to our work. After signing all the necessary agreements, we move in full swing and start the solar installation process. Within a week, you will be enjoying the benefits of free energy from the sun. As a locally-based company, we know all the dynamics of solar installation  in Houston, TX.

Quality solar panels & accessories: Apart from solar panels, you should also have quality inverters and storage batteries. Because all the components of a solar panel system work as a unit, there should be no compromise in any element. As a quality guarantee, we offer long term warranties so that you can rest assured your system will serve you for decades. Your solar panels can last for more than 30 years if you keep them well-maintained.

Customer satisfaction guarantee: We are your number 1 choice solar panel installation company in Houston, TX. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to quality of products and execution of the plan. Dynamic SLR gives you the optimum plan for your property, whether commercial or residential.

Cost of Solar Panels in Houston, TX

The average solar panels’ cost in Houston, TX, is $2.9 per watt. Because of the large scale nature of commercial solar panel installation you can get a discounted rate. Most homes can rely comfortably on a 6 kW solar panel system with backup storage batteries for use at night. Therefore, with around $17,400 you can go off-grid. This amount is even before any incentives.

6,000 × 2.9 = 17,400

Apart from the cost of solar panels, you should also factor in the cost of energy storage batteries, inverters, cables, and labor. The price of grid-tied solar panel system is lower because you don’t require the energy storage system. To lower the cost, we help you to apply for solar incentives from the federal government. The current rate is 26% of the total cost. You can also benefit from solar rebates from your utility company and organizations that advocate for renewable energy and environmental conservation. 

After the 26% investment tax credit, you pay less than $13,000 for the 6 kW solar panel system.

17,400 × 26% = 4,524

17,400 – 4,524 = 12,876

To ease your transition, we partner with solar financing companies in Houston, TX. You can get solar loans, power purchase agreements, or  solar leases if you meet the requirements. The facilities have better terms than ordinary loans. The repayment periods and interest rates are tailor-made to meet your financial requirements.

Solar Energy Savings in Houston, TX

It is likely that you part with at least $120 every month to cater for electricity bills. Cumulatively, the amount you have spent on electricity over the past 9 years is enough to pay for a 6 kW solar energy system in Houston, TX.

12,876 ÷ 1,500 = 8.6 years

The lifespan of a solar panel system is around 30 years or even more. Therefore, after the payback period, you can use free energy for over 20 years. The capacity of the solar panel system can reduce after a decade. Therefore, you can add more panels to boost the capacity. Wondering whether solar panels work during cloudy days? The system can retain at least 25% during cloudy days. 

If you are planning to sell your property, solar energy installation in Houston, TX, can increase its value by up to 4%. 


Solar Savings

Cumulative Solar Savings (Savings-cost)




























The savings chart shows clearly that solar panels are worth it in Houston, TX. It is time to go solar and reduce or eliminate your electricity bills. 

Benefits of Commercial Solar Energy Installation

Solar energy saves your company on the recurrent electricity expenses. After the payback period, your company can enjoy free solar power for as long as the panels are functional. Because businesses use more units than households, you could save even 10 times more of what homes save. 

Apart from the savings, some customers may opt for green companies because they are environmentally conscious. You can target this clientele as you save the environment for future generations. 

What about job creation when the world is struggling to bounce back from the ruins? You can create employment through solar panel installation in Houston, TX. Currently, the solar industry has over 11 million employees globally. Over 240,000 of those working in the sector are in the United States. 

If Houston, TX, were to go solar to full potential, it would be equivalent to growing over 200 million trees over a period of 10 years. Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018), also shows that such an initiative would eliminate close to 9 million metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Solar Companies in Houston, TX

There are hundreds of solar panel installers in Houston, TX. Selecting the best from such a pool can prove a hard nut to crack. But there is one solar company that has stood the test of time: Dynamic SLR.

Our company reviews tell a tale of customer satisfaction for years. We have provided solar installation for years across Texas. If you want quality solar panels in Houston, TX, we are your go-to stores. Make an inquiry today and enjoy the free resource from the sun. 

Does Solar Work in Houston?

solar energy in Houston

Courtesy: Weather Spark

According to the data from Weather Spark, Houston receives at least 3 kWh of solar energy throughout the year. June receives the highest solar energy at 6.7 kWh while December has the lowest at 3 kWh. Therefore, you can go solar in Houston, TX, without the worry of blackouts on cloudy days. Interestingly, solar energy does not require high temperatures but light from the sun. 

Reliant Energy is the primary utility company in Houston. The electricity supplier offers net-metering for solar-powered homes. Therefore, you can supply solar power to the utility company when your panels produce excess. In low solar energy months like December, you can use Reliant Energy electricity at no cost by claiming your credits. Solar energy is available for use in Houston throughout the year.