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Many business owners from all around Texas have asked us “What are the benefits of switching to solar energy?” Well, the switch to solar energy is becoming uncommon in Texas. In fact, more than 20% of all of Texas’s power comes from renewable energy resources such as solar and wind. The great part about switching to solar energy is that it gives you more tangible benefits than just saving on your monthly energy bill. America is becoming greener by the year, and with more companies and brands putting their best foot forward to change and become more environmentally friendly – why shouldn’t yours? It’s a great business model, as it reduces costs for your business, gives you an extra marketing edge against your competitors, and also helps the planet fight back against climate change.

In this article, we will go into further detail about the benefits of switching to solar for your business in Highland Village, and why the best time to switch to solar energy is now.

Benefits of Switching to Solar Energy For Your Business

Marketing & An Extra Value Proposition

In today’s economy, it’s not just about having great customer service and the best products – its also about the intangibles that will help with the customer’s conscience. If your customers or clients knew that every time they worked with you a new tree will be planted or your sales will help children in need – they are more likely to buy from you. This idea also goes hand-in-hand when you switch to solar energy for your business. There is something called the “Green Paradox” in where customers want to help businesses who go green, as long as they themselves get something from it. This extra incentive pushes them to purchase a product or service from you. By demonstrating you use solar power to help make your company greener and more environmentally friendly, you show customers and clients alike that your business is progressing to a modern approach towards business.

By switching to solar energy, you will also have another unique value proposition that will separate yourself from your competitors. If your competitor does not have a green or clean energy persona, you will have another reason to show why your company and business is superior.

Protect Yourself When Blackouts or Disasters Strike

One of the advantages that solar panels and solar energy systems can afford you is the ability to use them in tandem with an energy storage system. An energy storage system holds all of the energy that hasn’t been used by you throughout the day. If you do not have an energy storage system work in unison with your solar panels and solar energy system, the unused energy will be sent to your utility providers – in where they will give you a credit for your monthly energy bill.

However, storing your unused energy that your solar panels have absorbed will make you independent from your utility providers. Thus, permanently eliminating your energy costs. Your energy storage system will allow you to work throughout the night, without a hitch.

Alternatively, should a blackout happen or if a natural disaster were to strike, an energy storage system will allow you to work. The energy stored will be enough to get you out of any situation where you don’t have any power – and you will be able to turn a profit, while your competitors are left in the dark.

Reduction of Energy Costs

This is the biggest reason why many businesses switch to solar energy – the reduction of energy costs. On average, a household in America looks to save anywhere from 50-60% of their energy costs when they switch over to solar energy. The same can be said for businesses as well. When you reduce your operational costs, you will make a bigger profit margin while capitalizing on your clean energy usage. This helps your wallet and your company’s reputation towards your customer base. What we’ve seen a lot of other businesses do when they amass a large amount of savings from their energy costs is to use it for charity, or events to help promote themselves. Using money from clean energy will boost your brand, it’s value, and the amount you will save on monthly operational costs.

Now that we’ve gone over the benefits of switching to solar energy in Highland Village, Texas – here’s the biggest reason why you should switch over to solar energy sooner rather than later…

The Federal Tax Incentive

For homeowners and business owners – the federal tax incentive was created to give the nation a push towards renewable energy resources. The biggest reason why you should switch to solar energy now for your Highland Village business – is that it is currently the most lucrative incentive for business owners.

If you switch to solar energy now (in 2020) you will receive a credit of 26% of your total purchase price/installation costs for your income taxes. For example, if one were to spend $10,000 on their solar panels and solar energy system – you will receive a credit of $2600 to use on your income taxes.

As a business, writing off your income taxes will be better for your bottom line, and will net you even more profit during your first year of going solar. But you must act quickly, as this federal tax incentive will reduce to 22% in 2021 – and will reduce again to 10% in 2022 for businesses.

In conclusion…

If you want to save money, the environment, and help with your company’s brand and reputation – going solar is the right way to go.

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