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Grapevine, Texas is a huge hub of cultural significance for Texans. Known for its rustic downtown and artisan shops, Grapevine has become an eclectic center for visitors from all around Texas and various parts of the United States. If you’re a Grapevine homeowner, you can definitely understand where we’re coming from. There are great outdoor activities available year-round with family and friends, and an amazing holiday spirit especially when Christmas rolls around.

However, as far as solar energy goes, there hasn’t been a big progression towards renewable energy resources in Grapevine, Texas. If you’re curious about what solar energy can do for your Grapevine, Texas home – you’re at the right place. We’re the most knowledgeable and the best solar company in all of Grapevine, and we strive to deliver the golden standard for service at the most affordable prices. At Dynamic SLR, we want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to our entire process, as well as the benefits of going solar.


In this article, we will be breaking down the benefits of transitioning to solar energy in Grapevine, Texas – as well as the Federal Tax Credit that our government provides for homeowners who install solar panels and a solar energy system on their homes.

Benefits of Going Solar in Grapevine

The Best Pricing for Solar Panels in the U.S.A

Everything is bigger in Texas – right? Everything except the pricing of solar energy systems! The average US residential solar energy system ranges between a cost of $17,000 and $18,000. A typical 6-kilowatt system (standard for most Texan homes) ranges anywhere from $13,000 to $15,000 – before rebates and incentives. Texas is the leading source of power for the entirety of the United States – so it would make sense for the residents of Grapevine, Texas to enjoy the relatively cost-effective pricing for solar panels and its accompanying solar energy system.

Multiple Uses of Solar Energy

Grapevine, Texas is a great place to utilize solar energy. Texas itself averages 237 days of sunlight every year. Grapevine receives up to 12 hours of sunlight a day, which is more than enough to power your whole home. This solar energy can also be used in tandem with a solar water heater, which in turn saves you money on your gas bill. If you have a pool or jacuzzi in your backyard – you can use your solar energy systems to warm and heat up both of them. There are a myriad of things you can do with solar energy – and you can even grill with solar energy in Grapevine, Texas too.

Halving Your Electricity Bill

The biggest reason why most homeowners in Grapevine, Texas switch to solar energy is to save money on their energy bill. On average, most homeowners experience a reduction of 50-60% on their energy bills when they switch to solar power. However, when you switch to solar energy – it does not mean you are truly independent of your city’s electrical grid system. Any power you produce during the day will be used by you or your family, and any remaining power that you and your family doesn’t use will be sent back to your utility energy provider. They credit you with the amount of energy you have produced for them, and then they reduce your energy bill with that credit. If you want to be independent from your utility provider and have no costs related to energy – you need an energy storage system. An energy storage system allows you to store any energy that you have not used throughout the day – and gives you power during the night or during emergency situations (or blackouts). All the energy you produce is truly yours, and you will no longer have to pay your utility energy provider.

Do Your Part in the Fight Against Climate Change

Air pollution and rising temperatures are two of the problems which climate change forces upon us – and will force upon future generations. If you have children (or are planning to have children) you should do your part in mitigating the damage that climate change has done to your environment. By using solar energy in Grapevine, Texas – you are protecting the natural ecosystems in the Grapevine Lake, and the nature that surrounds it. Your carbon footprint is also reduced as well – with less fossil fuels being burned to help with your energy needs, you’re clearing the need for non-renewable resources at the local level. Using solar energy in Grapevine, Texas is great for everyone in your community. Not only will mother nature thank you for it – but the future generations of Grapevine, Texas will also thank you for making the switch to solar energy.

Solar Energy Systems Raise the Value of your Grapevine, Texas home

When you install your solar panels and solar energy system – your residential property will gain an extra boost in value. In the state of Texas – if you sell a home with solar panels and a solar energy system, you will be exempted from paying sales taxes on the solar energy system portion of your Grapevine home. Also, according to Zillow – homes with solar panels are 4.1% more likely to sell than a home without solar panels.

Federal Tax Credit For Your Solar Energy System

The best time to go solar is now – and for good reason. Not only will you be able to save more money on your energy costs sooner rather than later – but the Federal Tax Credit that you receive from the government will be discontinued in 2022. For the remainder of the year 2020, you will be able to use 26% of the purchase price of your solar panels, solar energy system, and installation towards your income taxes. By 2021 – it will be at 22%.

By switching to solar energy in Grapevine, Texas – you will reduce your carbon footprint, help the environment, boost the resale value of your home and more importantly halve or eliminate your costs for energy.

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