Solar Energy Grand Prairie, TX

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Are solar panels expensive? This is a common question for anyone considering going solar. Most people think it does not make economic sense until they do a cumulative assessment of electricity bills. On average, Texas families spend around $1,500 annually on electricity bills. Cumulatively, the amount you pay your utility company for 8 years is enough to install solar panels in Grand Prairie.

The solar energy system has a lifespan of around 30 years, and some could even do 50 years. Considering this, you get to enjoy free energy for more than 20 years after installation. To understand this better, the cost of solar panels in Grand Prairie is $2.7/W. If your home requires a 5 kW solar energy system to support all the activities, you need around $13,500.

5 kW = 5,000 W

5000 × 2.7 = $13,500

If we take the minimum solar panel system’s lifespan as 25 years, we can calculate the solar savings you will make in that period.

Average annual electricity bill = $1,500

1,500 × 25 years = $37, 500

Initial solar energy installation is $13,500

Solar savings = 37,500-13,500

                        = $24,000

If you are asking whether going solar makes financial sense, then you have the answer. Taking the lowest lifespan of a solar power system, you will save at least $24,000. But most people ask, how can I go solar without incurring all the initial solar installation costs?

Why Go Solar in Grand Prairie?

There are numerous benefits of solar energy: economic, social, and environmental.  Today, there is a common concern about global warming. A call for individual contributions to reduce carbon emissions has been on the rise.

Every year, every person contributes around 20 tons of carbon on average. You can reduce your carbon footprint through solar installation in Grand Prairie.

Currently, solar energy is among the top contributors to employment among clean sources of energy. EESI reports that there are over 250,000 employees in the industry. Solar energy has also fueled new technological innovations. One of the revolutionary inventions is electric cars that use solar energy.

When there are economic and environmental gains, living standards improve. A healthy environment and economy mean an improvement in social lives. 

Factors to Consider Before Solar Installation

Before going solar in Texas, there are some factors you should consider for an effective transition.

  • Current electricity bills
  • Future plans
  • Roof orientation
  • Off-grid vs. grid-tied solar panels
  • Climate

Current electricity bills

To determine the size of the solar energy system you require for your home, you should check your annual electricity bill. The bill helps you to estimate the amount of energy you use every year. You should install a solar power system that produces the same or slightly higher amount of energy annually.

Future plans

Are you planning to buy an electric car in the future? Definitely, it will increase your annual electricity consumption. You should keep in mind any plans to purchase heavy consumers of energy before installation.

Roof orientation

Another factor that affects the size of your system is roof orientation and angle. Solar panels should face the southern side of your building. In case the roof does not face this direction, you may require more solar panels or an adjustment. There should be no shade encroaching the side you install the panels for the maximum harnessing of energy.

Off-grid vs. grid-tied solar panels

Do you want an off-grid or grid-tied solar panel system? For off-grid power, you should have storage batteries that can support your activities when it is dark. This calls for more capital investment to buy the batteries. Depending on the weather conditions in your neighborhood, you can determine the capacity you require. For a grid-tied solar system, you get solar credit for any units you produce above your usage. You can use power from the grid when your panels supply limited energy for your use.


Climate is an essential factor when it comes to the installation of solar panels. Grand Prairie has a favorable climate for an off-grid or grid-tied system. During winter, there is enough sunshine to support your daily activities. In case of low supply, you can redeem your solar credit.

Do solar panels work in cloudy days? This is a concern for most people. Solar panels do work on cloudy days, but the output can be lower. Most can produce enough power (around 10-25% of the capacity) to support gadgets.

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