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A solar energy system and solar panels bring about a huge amount of benefits for your home or business in Glenn Heights. You save on your monthly energy bills, you get a credit that can help you with your income taxes, and you do your part in the fight against climate change. However, some people believe that by going solar you become completely independent from your utility provider’s electricity grid.

That’s false. When you switch to solar energy for your Glenn Heights home or business, you still use energy from the grid during the evening. During the daytime, you can use nearly limitless amounts of energy. However, no solar energy can be converted to usable energy when it gets dark – so you will have to call upon your utility provider for electricity. Any energy you don’t use during the day will be sent to your utility provider, and they will send you a credit for your monthly energy bill.

But, if you combine one piece of technology with your solar panels and solar energy system, you will never have to pay a single energy bill ever again.

In this article, we will be talking about the benefits of having an energy storage system alongside your solar panels and solar energy system for your business or home in Glenn Heights, Texas.

The Benefits of Having An Energy Storage System

You Get Greener In More Than One Way

With an energy storage system, any of the unused energy you absorb throughout the day from your solar panels will get stored for later use. The great thing about this is that you will no longer rely on any form of fossil fuel energy to power your home or business. By having an energy storage system alongside your solar panels, you become truly independent from utility providers – and you reduce your carbon emissions to virtually zero. You will no longer have any need for energy from your utility providers, who are using oil (a non-renewable) fossil fuel to power your home or business.

Not only that, but by having no more energy costs related to your home or business, you can save up to nearly $150,000 for the lifetime of energy costs you receive throughout the time you live in your home or work from your business. That’s a tremendous amount of savings, and as we say in the solar industry, “going green, saves you green.” In this case, by having an energy storage system, you save far more than you would have ever expected.

You Will Never Be Left In The Dark

If disaster strikes, your solar panels and solar energy system can only do so much to help provide you power. Rolling blackouts can strip you of power for an unforeseeable amount of time – and that time can be costly, especially if you’re a business.

When you have an energy storage system, the issue of lacking power during an emergency situation becomes a thing of the past. Not only will it act as a backup generator during times of crisis, but it will also help power your home during long periods, up to a week even.

As a business, by having an energy storage system, you can continue to work while your competitors are scrambling in the dark. You’ll be able to sell your products or services while remaining virtually unscathed during a blackout.

It pays to have an energy storage system alongside your solar panels and solar energy system, and it will save you precious amounts of time and money after it’s installed.

The Value of Your Home Will Increase Exponentially

According to Zillow, your home rises by 4.1% in value when you switch over to solar energy. By having solar panels and a solar energy system, you have a clean energy home, which will look attractive to home buyers. Also, Texas forbids sales tax on the solar panel and solar energy system portion of your home, so you will get a dollar for dollar payback without sales tax.

Now, a home with solar panels and a solar energy system already sounds attractive enough to home buyers, but imagine their faces when you tell them that they home is independent from the grid – and that they will never have to pay a single energy bill for the time that they live in your Glenn Heights, Texas home.

Not only will the home appreciate because of your energy storage system and your solar panels, but the number of people clamoring to purchase your home with its pre-installed clean energy amenities will be massive!

In conclusion…

When you have an energy storage system work alongside the solar panels and solar energy system of your Glenn Heights, Texas home – you will have a clean energy mini-power plant that provides you with a near limitless amount of energy. You will never have to pay another energy bill ever again, and you will be doing a tremendous part in the battle against climate change. With all the money you save from switching over to solar energy, you can reinvest those savings into different investments, or simply save it for a rainy day. As a business, you gain another edge in marketing yourself to potential clients and customers, while having the ability to work while your competitors are left in the dark.

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