Solar Energy Garland, TX

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The current average carbon footprint of every American is around 16 tons! According to Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018), Garland has 915,000 metric tons of carbon emissions annually. You can help to reduce this output by going solar. The world is in a rush to avoid the 2°C projected temperature increase by 2050. To do this, the global carbon footprint should drop below 2 tons per person. Garland, TX, has a favorable climate to support the total elimination of electricity bills, with 93% of roofs viable for solar energy installation.

But how do you get the best solar installers in Garland, TX? You should consider local contractors because they fully understand various aspects essential in installing solar panels in your neighborhood. Factors like roof orientation and angles are critical in maximizing the output of your solar panels.

You can visit our solar stores near Garland to get the solar system design for your commercial or residential building. We also help you to apply for solar incentives to reduce the cost of the project. Whether you choose to go for net-metering or solar storage, we guide you through each process.

Solar Panel Cost in Garland, TX

There is every reason to advocate for solar energy in Garland, considering the city’s 93% solar viability. Currently, there are slightly above 120 solar installations in Garland. The average solar panel system costs around $13,500 in Texas. Fortunately, you can get financing from institutions that offer solar financing in Garland, TX.

Solar financing is subject to your credit score. We partner with different financial institutions to help you foot the initial solar installation cost. You can also get solar incentives from organizations, federal and state governments.

The average cost of solar panels in Garland is 2.7/W. However, larger solar energy systems can come at a lower cost because of the discounted prices. You can use this average to get the estimated cost to go solar in your residential or commercial building. An investment tax credit of 26% from the federal government lowers solar panel installation cost in Garland, TX. You should take advantage of the incentive now before it drops to 22% in 2021. After 2022, only commercial solar installation will get 10% permanent ITC.

Solar Panel System

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Net Cost

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Solar Panel Maintenance Practices

Although it is possible to undertake solar maintenance practices without a contractor, you can consider contracting a professional after some time. Solar panel maintenance companies ensure that the system is working optimally. After 10 years, the solar energy system should produce between 60-80% of the initial capacity.

Some other maintenance practices include clearing encroaching shades and checking the solar brackets. Interestingly, exposure of solar panels to excessive heat can reduce their lifetime and output. At 25°C or room temperature, the solar energy system is at its optimum capacity.

Where solar panels are located in dangerous height, it is advisable to seek a solar cleaning contractor’s services in Garland. For ground solar systems, it is easier to undertake maintenance practices. 

Why Go Solar in Garland?

Solar energy has numerous benefits: economic, environmental, and social. First, you cut on your utility bills or eliminate them if you buy solar energy storage batteries. You can also opt for a grid-tied solar system that allows you to use electricity when your panels are on low supply. You get solar credit on any energy you harness above your usage. The solar energy industry is also a significant employer in America, with close to 250,000 employees, according to EESI.

In line with environmental conservation, solar energy is one of the primary contributors. The world is in a race against time to stop the probable 2°C increase of global temperature by 2050. To do this, we must go for environmental-friendly energy alternatives. Unlike conventional energy sources like coal, solar energy does not emit any gases into the environment.

When there is financial and environmental health, the living conditions of the people improve. Though solar energy does not directly offer social benefits, improved lifestyle and health are essential in social welfare.

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