Solar Energy Frisco, TX

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If Frisco was to utilize its full solar viability potential of 98%, it would be equivalent to planting over 14 million trees. That is according to data from Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018). The current annual carbon dioxide emissions are more than half a million metric tons. On average, every American has a carbon footprint of around 19 metric tons annually. The trend is worrying, but it is not irreversible.

Solar panel installation in Frisco is one of the feasible measures to conserve the environment. Before installation, there are essential factors the installer should consider. Some include the roof orientation of your building, shading, and roof angle. The factors determine the size of the solar energy system that can sustain your consumption.  In case your roof does not favor solar panel installation, you can go for ground placement. It is easier to do maintenance practices for solar panels on the ground.


The average roof size of buildings in Frisco is over 880 sq. ft. The roof is enough to support a 12 kW solar panel system. The capacity can support most Frisco homes to rely fully on solar energy. 

Cost to Install Solar panels in Frisco, TX

Every month, you spend an average of $120 on electricity bills. Annually, it could add up to more than $1,500. Let’s not talk about the amount you have used over the last decade because it can be dumbfounding. But you can say goodbye to the agony of the hefty utility bills by going solar in Frisco, TX.

You can use the amount you spend on electricity to finance solar panel installation. After the initial capital investment payback, you enjoy solar energy at no cost. A 6 kW solar energy system has a payback period of around 9 years. In every sense, solar energy makes economic sense compared to other sources.

On average, homes require a 6 kW solar energy system to sustain their activities. The estimated cost of solar panels in Frisco per watt is $2.8. Using the estimates, it is possible to calculate the payback period for the solar panel system you install.

6 kW = 6,000 W

Therefore: 6,000 × 2.8 = $16,800

The federal government gives solar investment tax credit at 26%. That means, you don’t have to foot the full amount, but you can get the deduction.

16,800 × 26% = $4,368

Net cost of 6 kW solar energy system: 16,800 – 4,368 = 12,432



Average Utility Bill

Solar Savings (Initial cost-electricity bill)































Solar Energy Incentives

To help you reduce the cost of solar installation, organizations, federal, and state governments offer incentives. You can apply for the benefits and lower the initial capital required to go solar in Frisco.

  • Investment tax credit
  • Solar rebates


The federal government offers 26% ITC for solar installation. But the rate will go down to 22% in 2021. Therefore, you should take advantage before the incentive rates reduce. In 2022, the investment tax credit for the residential building will be scrapped off while commercial installations will retain 10% ITC.


Although Texas has no statewide solar rebates, you can apply for the benefits from your utility company or other organizations. CoServ and Oncor are some of the companies which offer solar rebates in Texas. 

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Our turnaround time is unmatched. First, you contact us and make a request for a solar energy size estimate. We can come to your premises for evaluation or use your address to assess your roof. The solar design comes next to make optimum use of your roof. After that, we give you a solar cost estimate and guide you in the solar incentive application process.

Get in touch with us today and cut or eliminate your electricity bills. Solar panels can last for up to 30 years or more. Therefore, you can enjoy free solar energy for years after the payback period. However, the capacity of the solar energy system can fall to 60-80% after a decade. You can consider solar panel addition to boost the capacity.