Solar Energy Friendswood, TX

Do you want to reduce or eliminate your utility bills? Contact Dynamic: the best residential solar installation company in Friendswood, TX.

Friendswood has a favorable climate for solar panel installation. The city experiences more than 200 sunny days every year. Friendswood’s 94% solar viability is one of the highest in Texas. But what does this figure represent? Out of all the buildings in Friendswood, TX, only less than 6% are not eligible for solar power. 

Currently, the number of solar panel systems in Friendswood, TX, is considerably low. There are less than 50 properties that use solar energy in the city. Solar power has the potential to eliminate over 142,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually in Friendswood, according to Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018). This is equivalent to taking over 30,000 cars from the road in a year.

Dynamic SLR is your go-to solar panel installation company in Texas. We have helped hundreds of homes and businesses go solar. You can count on us for affordable and quality solar panels and installation services. You can contact us today for a free solar quote. All we require are your addresses and the estimated monthly electricity bills. Gain energy independence and save the utility expenses.

Reasons to Go Solar in Friendswood, TX

One of the primary reasons to go solar is to save on electricity bills. Imagine gaining energy independence and bidding the utility provider goodbye. Every month, you pay around $120 to the electricity company. Do you want to get rid of these recurrent expense? Solar energy in Friendswood is the way to go. 

The realities of environmental pollution like global warming are sweeping across the world. Natural disasters like floods and drought are caused by laxity in environmental conservation. In recent years, cases of conditions like stroke and heart disease are on the rise. One of the top contributors to the detrimental effects are non-renewable energy sources like coal. On the contrary, solar energy is a better alternative because it is clean, renewable, and environmental-friendly. 


Apart from the environmental benefits, solar energy increases the value of your property. Are you planning to sell your house? Then, solar power will be a good value proposition project. More so, solar energy installation in Friendswood, TX, does not attract additional property tax. Homes running on solar power also attract more buyers and definitely a better price. 

For businesses, solar energy is a good marketing tool as more people become sensitive  to the detrimental effects of environmental pollution. Most customers may prefer solar energy-run homes. 

Estimated Solar Panel Cost in Friendswood, TX

The cost of solar panels in Friendswood, TX, is around $3 per watt. For commercial solar panel installation, the rate could be lower. We can take a 5 kW solar panel system as our case study to estimate the amount a homeowner should pay to go solar in Friendswood, TX. The estimated cost of a solar panel system is $15,000.

3 × 5,000 = 15,000

Apart from solar panels, you should also consider the price of inverters, energy storage systems, and cables. Solar panel installation cost varies from one company to another.  You can apply for incentives from the federal government to reduce the cost. Currently, the investment tax credit is 26% of the total cost. However, the rate is set to reduce to 22% in 2021. After 202, only commercial properties will receive a permanent 10% ITC. You should take advantage of the offer and install solar panels in Friendswood at a lower cost.

After the deduction, here is the net cost of a 5 kW solar panel system. 

15,000 × 26% = 3,900

15,000 – 3,900 = 11,100

System Capacity

Estimated System Cost

Investment Tax Credit

Net System Cost

3 kW




4 kW




5 kW




6 kW




7 kW




8 kW




9 kW




10 kW




















Dynamic SLR holds your hand from the first step of solar energy installation to the end. We help you to acquire all the necessary permits, apply for solar incentives, and seek financing from our partner institutions. We put into consideration the following factors as we give you advice on the best solar panel placement for optimal energy harnessing:

  • Roof angle and orientation
  • Shading
  • Monthly utility bills
  • Climatic conditions

Roof orientation and angle are critical determinants of the number of solar panels you need to sustain your consumption. Solar panels should face south to maximize their exposure to the sun. You should trim or get rid of any objects that block the sun. Some objects like branches can also lower the lifespan of the solar energy system. 

Your monthly utility bills come in handy in the estimation of your energy consumption. However, you should also disclose any plans that may increase your usage in the near future because solar installation is a long term project. As a locally-based company, we understand different seasons in Friendswood. Therefore, you can rest assured you are good to go off-grid after we install the solar panels