Solar Energy Fort Worth, TX

Do you want to reduce or eliminate your utility bills? Contact Dynamic: the best commercial & residential solar installation company in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth is the hub for the oldest stock and rodeo show in America. The city has a warm climate that is favorable for solar energy. At 92% solar viability (Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018), FW is among the most potent cities for solar panel installation. The average cost of solar panel installation for commercial and residential buildings is around $14,000. Compared to the annual electricity bills, there is a reason to go solar.

Every year, Fort Worth homes spend around $1,500 on electricity. You can say goodbye to the bills through solar panel installation and enjoy Mother Nature’s gift of sunshine. It can’t get any better than having an opportunity for solar energy credit if you harness excess energy and connect to the grid. Any time there is a low supply of solar energy, you can redeem your credit with equal units. 

Reasons to Go Solar in Fort Worth

What is the cost of solar installation in Fort Worth? This is a common concern for most property owners. If we do a cost-benefit analysis, solar energy is way better than other energy sources.

First, you reduce your carbon footprint because the sun is a clean source of energy. In a time when global warming is more real than ever, it is imperative to be part of the solution. Solar energy does not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere like some sources e.g., fossil fuels.

Secondly, solar energy is the way to go if you want to reduce or eliminate your bills. The cost of electricity has shown a steady increase over the years. Therefore, you can even save more in the future than the average of $100 per month. You can also receive solar credit, which you can redeem in case of low supply. Most electricity companies accept buyback of excess solar energy into the grid.

Estimated Solar Energy System Cost in Fort Worth, TX

The federal government offers a solar tax credit of 26% for any solar panel installation. For example, if the total cost of installing a 5 kW solar system is $15,000, you will get 26% off the total cost.

15,000 × 26% = 3,900

15,000 – 3,900 = 11,100

From the calculation above, the ITC for the 5 kW solar panel system is around $3,900. The benefits apply for both residential and commercial solar panel installation.

System Capacity

Estimated System Cost

Investment Tax Credit

Net System Cost

3 kW




4 kW




5 kW




6 kW




7 kW




8 kW




9 kW




10 kW
















Before installation, we help you to estimate the most suitable solar energy system for your premises. Some of the most important aspects include:

  • Roof orientation
  • Shading
  • Monthly electricity bills
  • Type of solar panels

Roof orientation and angle are essential because they determine the solar energy the panels can harness per square meter. Our experts evaluate the two aspects to maximize the energy harnessing. Electricity bills help in the estimation of your average usage as a family. You should consider the appliances that use electricity and future plans before installation. 

Solar Energy Companies in Fort Worth, TX

Choosing the best solar panel installer in Fort Worth, TX, can prove a hard nut to crack with numerous companies to choose from. Dynamic Slr services and product quality are unmatched. What do we guarantee:

  • Reliability: Solar panel installation is a long term capital investment. Therefore, you should seek the services of a company that guarantees flawless installation and maximum efficiency. At Dynamic, we offer long term warranty, and our solar panels can last for several decades.
  • Affordability: Our solar installation cost is favorable. Take advantage of ITC, property tax exemptions, and other incentives to cut on cost. There are also financing options, and we can connect you to our partner financial institutions in case you qualify.
  • Customer feedback: All solar panel installers will say they are the best in town, but what do their customers say? You can check online client reviews or get feedback from previous customers.
  • Installation Time: Do you want to keep paying the exorbitant electricity bills after paying for solar installation? Definitely not. We start working on the system as soon as possible to save you the agony of the bills. Turnaround time is an essential factor.