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If you’re a homeowner in Forney, Texas – you know how hot and humid it gets during summer. This is not just a regular form of Texas heat – but the humidity itself makes Forney, Texas have a subtropical climate classification. These hot and humid summers are accompanied by a higher usage of power – that increases energy bills and propels the effects of climate change.


If you’re currently spending a large amount of money on electricity during summer (like most Americans) it’s time to switch to solar energy for your Forney, Texas home.


Switching to solar energy gives your home more value, lowers your electricity bill, and slows down climate change. If you want to go green while saving green – transitioning to solar energy is one of the few things on this planet that will deliver that solution, for you and your family.


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Reasons to Use Solar Energy in Forney, TX​

Reduce Energy Costs

As a resident of Forney, Texas – you know that it gets absolutely scorching in summer. You go home and turn on your air conditioning. This process creates a strain on Forney, Texas’s electricity grid – which is compensated with a higher cost on your energy bill. However, there is a way to reduce your energy costs and use near-limitless amounts of power during the day (which is always the hottest portion of the entire day). By switching to solar energy in Forney, Texas, you will have your own power plant in your home. During the day, you can use power freely and without worrying about your energy costs. Any energy you don’t use within the day is sent back to your utility provider. The electricity company credits your monthly bill with the energy you had produced for them, thereby reducing your monthly energy costs.


But did you know that there is a way to eliminate your electricity bills, and have continuous energy for the entire day? At night, your solar panels cannot produce any energy- so you redeem the credit from the utility company. This means that you’re still paying for energy – even if its at a reduced rate. A workaround for this is to install an energy storage system. An energy storage system stores any of the unused energy your solar panels have produced throughout the day. Then you can use the power throughout the night. By using an energy storage system with your solar energy system, you will never have to pay your utility provider ever again.


Also, as an added benefit; is your Forney, Texas home is ever in a situation where you may lose power, such as a blackout or natural disaster? Your energy storage system will serve as a backup generator for power, ensuring safety for you and your family.

Rise in Value of Your Property

Texas is one of the few states that don’t exercise a sales tax on your solar energy system when selling your home. On top of that – your home will rise by a median value of 4.1% – according to Zillow. If you want to increase the value of your home and save on your monthly energy costs – switching to solar energy for your Forney, Texas home is the solution.

Doing Your Part in the Fight Against Climate Change

By using solar energy for your Forney, Texas home, you’re not only saving on your monthly energy bill – but you’re also doing your part in saving planet Earth. Reducing your carbon emissions as well as your usage of fossils fuels leads to a reduction of the total amount of greenhouse gases your home produces. In turn, this reduces your carbon footprint. If you haven’t noticed – Forney, Texas’s summers have become hotter and longer every single year after 2012, and for good reason.


The amount of greenhouse gases and air pollution in Texas has grown significantly since 2012 – which is increasing the global temperature. Climate change not only affects the weather, but can also cause the occurrences of hurricanes and other violent natural disasters. If you want to help preserve the Earth’s natural wonders and give the generations that come after you a chance to survive climate change, switching to solar energy is the way to go.

Use the Federal Tax Credit to Your Advantage

Before its too late. The Federal Tax Credit is currently at 26% of the purchase price for your residential solar panel system and installation. If the cost of installing and purchasing your solar energy system was $10,000 – you can use a $2,600 credit on your income taxes. You must act quickly – for this credit reduces to 22% in 2021. It will be scrapped off for residential homes in 2022. If you were looking for the biggest reason why you should switch to solar energy in Forney, Texas – this should be among the top in the list. Not only will you save on your monthly energy bills – but you will also save on your income taxes the moment you switch to solar energy for that year.


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