Solar Energy Flower Mound, TX

Why should you switch to solar energy in Flower Mound, TX? Get ready to learn.

The amount of solar energy in Flower Mound, Texas is relatively untapped. For a place that has nearly 14 hours of sunlight shine on it every day – there aren’t many homeowners or commercial businesses that have transitioned to solar energy. It’s very odd to see something like this – especially for a town that has an incentive guideline for home improvement (which deals with renewable energy resources) and another Federal Tax Incentive that can be stacked on top of that.

If you’re a homeowner looking to transition to solar energy in Flower Mound, Texas – you’re at the right place for information regarding solar energy systems and the installation for your solar panels.

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Let’s go through the benefits (and incentives) that Flower Mound homeowners can look to reap when they transition to solar energy.

Benefits of Switching To Solar Energy in Flower Mound, Texas

Reduction of Carbon Emissions

Flower Mound is a very popular city in Texas – especially during the summertime. You have the Flower Mound CAC Pool Waterpark and Grapevine Lake – which are sprawling with visitors from all over Texas. Everyone wants to enjoy watersports, fishing, and swimming – but with all those cars coming from different areas in Texas – Flower Mound can be a hotspot for carbon emissions and unhealthy air conditions. By transitioning to solar energy, you can cut the amount of fossil fuels that are being released in your local environment – by switching to a “power plant” that produces electricity from the top of your home! Think about it this way – if you become the pioneer for clean energy in your community, more people will soon switch to solar energy in Flower Mound, Texas as well. They can see the benefits almost immediately to their surrounding environment – and can pass on a culture of conservation and renewable energy onto their kids and grandkids.

Lock-in Your Pricing for Electricity

Saving the environment is good and all – but you were probably reading this article to see what benefits there are that switching to solar energy can do for your Flower Mound, Texas home. Well, just to let you know – Texas has been having a rise in their electricity rates by an increase of 4.1% consecutively for the past two years. This pales in comparison to the rest of America – which has had an increase of .3%. This means that Texas homeowners (such as yourself) are paying for the most expensive electricity in the entire United States! By switching to solar energy for your Flower Mound, Texas home – you will able to produce your own electricity, thereby reducing your energy bill, and protecting yourself from future price hikes. For example, imagine if every time you went to a gas station – you would only pay $2.00 per gallon – while other people will have to pay $2.3 to $2.5 a gallon depending on the time of year. You’re not only saving money on said gas – but that price is fixed for the rest of your life, thus giving you protection from any increases in cost. This will help you plan for the long run, and your energy costs will be something that you can always predict, without any bill catching you by surprise.


Furthermore – by switching to solar energy in Flower Mound, Texas – you should expect a reduction of 50-60% of your energy bill. Imagine cutting any utility bill in half – and then pocketing the money to reinvest it into something fun or needed for the whole family.

Local & Federal Incentives

One of the great things about switching to solar energy in Flower Mound, Texas are the incentives given to you if you qualify. Not only can they reduce the cost of your entire solar installation – but it can also decrease the amount of taxes the Federal Government imposes on your income.

Flower Mound, Texas is unique for it’s Home Improvement Incentive Program. In summary, the Home Improvement Incentive Program allows for anyone who owns a home in a single-family zoned area (who is also in good standing with their state taxes and other town fees) to be eligible for this incentive. The project in question must revolve around the reconstruction or remodeling of a single-family home, and must cost at least $20,000 dollars. Also, the project must be completed within 24 months from the date of approval.


Per Flower Mound, Texas’s website: “If the homeowner’s application is approved, the homeowner will then be required to execute an economic development agreement with the Town, prepared and approved by the Town attorney. The agreement has to be signed prior to the start of construction.”

Solar energy systems count as a form of remodeling for your home – and the incentive can be used to reduce the cost of the solar energy project in its entirety.

Not only that – but by purchasing a solar energy system in Flower Mound, Texas – one can use the Federal Tax Credit for the installation of solar panels, but you must act fast – by 2022, the Tax Credit will no longer be available for residential properties.

The Federal Tax Credit allows you to take 26% of the cost of your solar panel installation and its components – and use it as a credit on your income taxes. That means whatever you owe on your income taxes – will be reduced by this credit. For example – if your solar panel installation and components cost $10,000 to purchase – you can use a $2,600 credit on your income taxes. You get to keep that money away from the Federal Government – and you can use it for whatever you wish.

In conclusion…

If you’re looking to switch to solar energy for your home in Flower Mound, Texas – now is the best time. The Federal Tax Credit for solar energy systems is ending soon, and who knows how long the Home Improvement incentive program will last.

By working with the best solar company in Flower Mound, Texas – we can help you get all the permits, applications, and licenses needed for you to save tremendously on your solar energy system.

By switching to solar energy in Flower Mound, Texas – you are actively combating climate change while saving an amazing amount on your monthly energy costs.

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