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As one of the best solar companies in Euless, Texas – we get a lot of questions about how solar energy may take a home or business “off-the-grid”. The thing that most homeowners and business owners don’t understand about solar energy or solar energy systems is that you still pay your utility provider when the sun goes down. Any energy you use at night comes from your utility provider. All the energy you create from your residential or commercial solar energy system in Euless, Texas, is used concurrently with your needs during the day. Any energy you don’t use is sent to your utility provider and from there you get credit on your monthly energy bill. You are still attached to the grid, even if you install solar panels in your home or business in Euless, Texas.

However, there is a way to be completely independent from the grid while having something work in unison with your solar energy system. Some of the best solar companies in Euless, Texas don’t even offer this option, an option in where you can potentially reduce your energy bills to $0. At Dynamic SLR- we offer what is called an energy storage system. You may have heard of the Tesla Powerwall- which is an energy storage system or “battery” for residential and commercial properties. By using an energy storage system, your Euless home or business will truly be “off-the-grid”. You will no longer require your utility provider. Your home becomes a fully renewable energy power plant.


In this article, we will explain to you the benefits of having an energy storage system. And how it can make your home or business independent from the Euless, Texas electrical grid system.

Benefits of an Energy Storage System in Euless, Texas

Solar Savings

If you’re thinking about transitioning to solar energy in Euless, Texas, your primary focus is probably to save money. You wouldn’t go green unless you can save some green, right? A solar energy system can reduce your energy costs by up to 60%. Euless, Texas is also known for its sunny days and extremely hot summers. By going solar, you will save a tremendous amount of money while keeping cool during the dog days of summer. But what if you didn’t have to pay energy bill at all? With an energy storage system, all of the electricity (that you don’t use during the day) is transferred and housed in a battery. You can use an energy storage system to store energy in your home at any time. Instead of paying your utility provider for energy at night, you use the energy you have stored throughout the day. Thereby, you negate any energy bill you will have for as long as you have your energy storage system.


By having using solar energy for your home or business in Euless, Texas home or business, you have a mini-power plant on your roof. With an energy storage system, you can have stable backup power during blackouts, and protection from events that strip your home of power (such as a natural disaster).

For a business, having a reliable source of back up power is essential. You can continue your operations without a hitch. This backup power will allow you to reap more profits, while your competitors are left in the dark. You can also use the fact that your business is powered by 100% renewable energy as a positive connotation for your brand and company.

Appreciation of your Euless, Texas Home Or Property

By having a solar panel system and energy storage system, you have added an additional amenity that most homes will not have. Not only will this raise the value of your home, but it will also attract more potential home buyers. According to Zillow- homes with solar panels are 4.1% more likely to sell, compared to homes without solar panels. Home buyers are more likely to purchase a home if it has a solar energy system already installed- more so if it has an energy storage system as well. The fact that the buyer will never have to pay a single cent towards energy costs will be extremely enticing to any home buyer.

Protect the Environment & Save Money

By going off-the-grid, you reduce your carbon footprint. You are actually helping the planet and your local environment because you are no longer using fossil fuels to power your Euless home or business. Everything is bigger in Texas- especially with issues that deal with air pollution. You’ll not only save money on your energy bills, but also helping with something far greater. Future generations will thank you for having solar energy in Euless, Texas. They can fully explore nature and be grateful for all her beauty, without the harmful effects of air pollution and climate change.

If you are sitting on the fence about switching to solar energy in Euless, Texas, it is the time to transition. Texas boasts one of the highest costs for electricity and the highest rate increase (an increase of 4.1% per year) among all of the states in the US. By having an energy storage system work alongside your solar panel system, you can go off-the-grid permanently. You also cushion your family against the rising costs of energy.

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