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In our line of work, we get a large number of questions regarding the benefits, costs, and incentives there are to switch to solar energy in Ennis, Texas. As one of the best solar energy companies in all of Texas, we wanted to write a short Questions and Answers list for the top five questions we receive daily about switching to solar energy.

The process is a bit confusing, and we have found that educating our customer base has become a far more efficient way of getting them to understand the solar energy process – and to save the more detailed questions for our technicians and managers. If you have any more questions regarding the switch to solar energy after reading this Q & A, feel free to give us a call or contact us via email.

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The Top 5 Questions and Answers For Solar Energy In Ennis, Texas

How long does the solar panel installation take? What are your costs?

Generally, solar panel installation takes anywhere from a couple of days to two weeks, depending on your schedule. Our process begins with a no-cost consultation – in where we talk about your return on investment, the number of solar panels your roof can hold, and the accompanying design. From there – you will see how much it will cost you to switch to solar energy for your Ennis, Texas home or business, and the design for the positioning of your solar panels. The costs associated with your solar panel installation and solar energy system depends on how big of a system you want, coupled with the goals you are trying to reach with your solar energy system. If you would like to find out more, contact us for more details.

How much does one look to save when they switch to solar energy?

On average, the American homeowner looks to save anywhere from 50-60% on their energy costs when they switch over to solar energy. When you switch to solar energy, you’re saving every month, and you’re protecting yourself from the rising costs of energy in Texas. Texas has seen a 4.1% rise in power costs in the last two years. In comparison, the rest of the United States has seen an average increase of .3%. This means that Texas homeowners pay more for their power than any other state in the US. By switching to solar energy – you save on your monthly energy bills while protecting yourself from rising energy costs.

Are there any incentives to switch to solar energy in Ennis, Texas?

As of right now, there are no city-wide solar incentives. However, there is a Federal tax incentive for all homeowners when they switch to solar energy. In 2020, the solar tax incentive will credit you 26% of the cost of your solar installation/purchase. In 2021, that will reduce to 22%. By 2022, the Federal Tax Incentive will disappear.

For example, if you were to purchase and install solar panels and a solar energy system into your Ennis, Texas home for $10,000 – you will receive a federal tax credit on your income taxes of $2600.

This is one of the biggest reasons many homeowners and businesses switch to solar energy, you can save on your monthly energy bills, and protect more of your earnings from income tax. That’s why its better to act now and see your options for switching to solar energy, rather than waiting. The next year (which is coming up fairly soon) will see a drop in the Federal Tax Incentive credit.

If you want the best solar company in all of Texas to help you with your application and installation, we would be more than happy to do so.

When I switch to solar energy, does that mean I’m off-the-grid?

Unfortunately, no. When you switch to solar energy, any energy you create during the day will be used by you or your family. From there, any energy you don’t use will be sent to your utility provider – and they will give you a credit on your monthly energy bill. In the evening, you will still be using energy from the grid to power your home. Even though you save more money on your monthly energy bills, you are still connected to your local utility provider, and you will still have an energy bill for the energy you use at night.

However, there is a way to get completely off-the-grid that will work in unison with your solar energy system. By installing an energy storage system, any energy you don’t use during the day will be harvested by your energy storage system – where you can use the remaining energy at night. By doing this, you will completely remove the need of having your house connected to the grid, while protecting yourself from random blackouts and emergencies that strip you of power. An energy storage system takes you off-the-grid, and you’ll never pay an energy bill ever again.

Does installing a solar energy system increase the value of my Ennis, Texas home?

It’s does! According to Zillow, your home rises in value by 4.1% in comparison to homes that do not have solar panels or a solar energy system. If you were to sell your Ennis, Texas home in the future, you will also have another enticing selling point to potential buyers. With our communities becoming greener and more environmentally friendly, the chance to buy a home with a pre-installed system will help potential homeowners with their conscience and their wallets.

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