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Every year, homes that use solar energy save around $1,500 on electricity bills. You could be next. Each month, you spend around $120 on utility bills. In years to come, the rates could even be higher considering the steady increase in electricity rates.

The cost of solar panel installation in DeSoto also goes lower after you claim solar incentives. In DeSoto, you can get the 26% federal government investment tax credit. The offer is only available until 2022 after which only commercial solar installation will get 10% ITC. In 2021, the rate of ITC will drop to 22% and it will be scrapped off for residential solar installation.

To understand the amount you can save each year if you go solar, we can use the average price of the solar panel at $2.8/W. A 5 kW solar energy system can support average consumption.

Therefore, the cost would be:

5,000 × 2.8 = 14,000

After that, you should deduct the government incentives:

14,000 × 26% = 3,640

14,000 – 3,640 = 10,360

But how much will you save each year after the solar installation? You can save at least $1,500 annually if you go solar.


Solar Saving

Payback Balance (Total Cost-Cumulative Solar Savings)


































From the example, a 5 kW solar energy system could have a payback period of as low as 7 years. However, you should also factor in the cost of other accessories. The solar panels could last for up to 30 years. Therefore, you could enjoy up to 23 years of free energy after the payback. 

Solar Energy Incentives

Although Texas does not have statewide solar rebates, you can get the incentives from organizations that advocate for clean energy. Some utility companies also offer limited solar rebates to its customers.

The federal government also offers an investment tax credit of 26% of the total cost to install solar energy in DeSoto. You can also benefit from property tax exemptions. The government does not factor in property value increment (which could be up to 4%) after solar installation.


Other incentives are low-interest loans to finance solar projects. Most financial institutions give loans at lower interest rates than ordinary credit. We can connect you with solar financing in Desoto if you meet the qualifications.

Benefits of Solar Energy in DeSoto

Does solar energy make economic sense? How does solar panel installation in DeSoto help to reduce global warming?

If the city was to go solar to its full potential, it would be equivalent to planting over 4 million trees over a decade. That would eliminate 173k metric tons of carbon dioxide according to Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018) and help in the reduction of the carbon footprint per capita. However, there is a lot to be done with the current stats.

DeSoto has less than 50 solar panel installation. Considering that the city has more than 12k roofs, the number is almost negligible. The economic benefits of the solar energy industry are numerous. First, there is the creation of employment as this is one of the top employers among energy sources. Solar energy has also played a critical role in technological advancement like electric cars.


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