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This summer has shown us the ferocity of climate change and how much air conditioning we need to stay cool. Switching to solar energy in Denton has become much easier. There are many incentives in Texas and at the Federal level to help with solar energy system financing. By switching to solar energy, you will save more money on your energy bills and increase the value of your home. You’re also taking part in the active fight against climate change.

Read further below about the benefits of solar panel in Denton, TX, and how it can help your family.

How Can Solar Energy Benefit Your Family?

If your household is currently using air conditioners to reduce the Texas heat, you can reduce energy bills by up to 60% by switching to solar power. Solar installation has become easier than ever. The renewable energy can help your family in several ways. Here are some benefits of switching to solar power.

More income saved = More income enjoyed

Texan utility providers are constantly raising their rates yearly. By going solar, you can reap the benefits of locking the price of your electricity. The savings from solar installation are long term and short term. You can use the savings to build up more amenities for your home, pay off any debt you may have, or simply save for a nice family vacation. The outcomes are endless when you install solar panels.

A Cleaner Environment

If you and your family love nature, by switching to solar energy, you are actively doing your part in saving the environment. At Dynamic SLR, we know there are many benefits of solar power. But one thing that you can’t simply put a price on is giving the generations after you the chance to go out and enjoy nature. Going solar means more than just saving money if you’re a fan of fishing, camping, or hiking. You’re saving a future where your children can enjoy these activities with their children.

Protect Your Family From Disaster

A solar panel system and energy storage batteries reduce your power bills and safeguard you from power outages. An energy storage system keeps all the power that you have produced throughout the day for your family to use at night. What other solar companies in Denton, TX, won’t tell you is this: you still use energy from your utility provider at night. This means that you’re still paying them even if you switch to solar. Many homeowners think that solar energy system also stores power- but that is not the case. By installing an energy storage unit within your home, your family will have ample backup in case of an emergency.

State & Federal Incentives in Denton

As a homeowner, you can get great incentives that can help you save money. As one of the best solar companies in Denton, TX, Dynamic SLR will ensure that you get the most out of every incentive available to you, hassle-free.

GreenSense Incentive Program

In 2016, the GreenSense Incentive Program was created to reduce energy demand and consumption. This was also to promote energy conservation and push more Denton homeowners to switch to solar energy.

Qualifications for GreenSense Incentive Program in Denton, TX

The highlights GreenSense Incentive Program is summarized below:

Qualifying applicants (anyone who owns a solar energy system that is 3 kW or larger) who also receive electricity from Denton Municipal Electric (DME) can receive up to $30,000 solar rebates. An additional rebate of $.75 per AC watt is available for all homeowners who install a solar energy system.

However, there are a couple of caveats that come with this incentive program.

GreenSense Incentive Program Requirements

The rebate funds for solar panel installation are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Meaning that if you’re late on the installation date, there may not be any more funds to help you subsidize the costs.  We take you from A to Z application of the incentives.

We highly recommend that you begin your journey to go solar soon. October 1st is the beginning of the timeline available for the allocated funds. The sooner you switch to solar, the faster we can help you with the paperwork needed for the permits and incentive.

BUT, solar energy incentives don’t just stop at the city or state level…

At the federal level, you can receive a credit of 26% of the cost of your solar energy system as a credit for your taxes.

For example, if you spend $30,000on your solar panel installation (which can be rebated through Denton’s city incentive), you can also receive a credit of $7,800 on your taxes! This can save you a lot on taxes. It is another reason to switch to solar energy in Denton, Texas.

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