Solar Energy Deer Park, TX

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solar energy

How much do you pay for utility bills every month? Cumulatively, how much is that in a year? Electricity bills have an impact on our finances in the long run. Imagine if you did not have to part with the $100 every month. In 10 years, the amount would be more than $12,000.  

Texans pay the highest rates for electricity in the United States. The amount is expected to keep increasing. On the contrary, the price of solar energy has shown a steady decline over the years. This will continue to be the case even in years to come. Projections show that solar power will be the primary source of energy by 2050. 

Apart from the economic benefits of solar energy, the environment is bound to gain from the shift. Deer Park could eliminate at least 160,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide if the city’s full solar energy potential were to be utilized. According to Project Sunroof data Explorer (November 2018), Deer Park has a 97% solar eligibility.

At Dynamic SLR, we are ready to help you start your transition to clean, renewable, cheaper, and green energy. We offer free solar quote as a first step of going solar in Deer Park, TX.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Reduce Air Pollution

According to We Forum, more than 92% of the world population lives in areas where air pollution exceeds safe limits. That means only less than one person in 10 lives in a safe environment. There is cause for concern with such worrying statistics. Every year, over 7 million people die due to air pollution as WHO reports.

Although air pollution does not cause death directly, it is the reason for the rise of conditions like stroke and heart disease. But is there anything you can do about this situation?

Future generations are counting on us to avert the adverse effects of air pollution. Trickle-down effects like global warming are threatening the future habitability of the earth. Solar energy is a good substitute for air pollutants like coal and petroleum products. You can go solar in Deer Park today and play your part in reducing harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere. 

Some projections show that if the current trend continues, the world temperature will rise by 2 degrees Celsius. This might seem a negligible increase, but that means some living organisms would become extinct. Apart from that, more land would become unproductive increasing natural calamities like drought and floods. 

Although other energy sources like wind are also an option, the cost implications may be a hindrance for homeowners. Therefore, solar energy becomes the best choice in Deer Park, TX.

Solar Savings in Deer Park, TX

After solar energy installation in Deer Park, TX, you save a lot on utility bills. Most homes pay more than $1,500 annually to the utility providers. For businesses, the amount could even be 10 times more. Solar panel installation is a one-time setup for long term services. You only pay the initial installation cost, after which you enjoy free energy for more than 20 years. The payback period for most solar panel systems is around 8 years. On the other hand, solar panels can last for more than 30 years. 

The cost of solar panels in Deer Park, TX, is around $2.8 per watt. 6 kW solar panel system can sustain most homes. Therefore, the total cost of the system could be approximately $16,800. You can also apply for the federal government’s investment tax credit to increase your solar savings. The incentives could reduce the amount to slightly above $12,000. 

At Dynamic SLR, we can connect you with solar financing institutions in Deer Park, TX, who can help you foot the initial capital. You can use solar loans, leases, or power purchase agreements to finances your solar project. The terms of repayment are also friendly compared to ordinary loans. 

Increase the Resale Value of Your Home in Deer Park, TX

According to Zillow, solar panels increase the value of a home by up to 4.1%. Apart from that, most homebuyers prefer solar-powered homes because it means no utility bills. The solar panel system also cushions the property from power outages. If you want to outdo other home sellers, solar panel installation in Deer Park is a sure bet. 

If it is a commercial property, solar installation attracts environmentalists to your business. Some customers may have a preference for green energy businesses over conventional electricity companies. 


Do you want to go solar in Deer Park, TX? Contact Dynamic SLR for a seamless transition to solar energy and bid your utility provider goodbye. We have the best solar panels and installation services in Texas. Our professional solar installers will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.