Dallas, TX Solar Energy

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Dallas, Texas, is a city that serves as a hub for modern technological innovations. The northern Texas town is the origin of the integrated circuit computer microchip. 

The city’s climate is attractive for most homeowners who want to go solar. The abundance of sunshine means you can harness the energy to eliminate or reduce your electricity bills. According to Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018), the city has an average5.5kW rooftop solar capacity.

Electricity bills can take a toll on your wallet, while the high environmental pollution does not augur well with Mother Nature. But that does not have to be the case. Solar energy comes in handy if you want to cut on your electricity bills. You can also help in the reduction of the current annual carbon emissions. Apart from solar energy incentives in Dallas, there are other benefits of solar energy. But where do you start?

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Solar Energy Incentives in Dallas

But is solar energy affordable? That is the concern we get from most of our potential clients. You can benefit from federal and local government incentives to reduce solar costs in Dallas. Although Texas does not have a statewide solar energy incentive policy, some utility companies offer them.

At Dynamic, we take you through the process of getting rebates and tax exemptions to reduce solar energy installation costs. The government has put in place subsidies in an attempt to woo more citizens into green energy. If you are looking for solar installers in Dallas, here are some solar incentives you should check out to reduce the cost:

  • Solar Rebates
  • Property Tax Exemption
  • Federal Solar Tax Credit
  • Solar Energy Buyback

Oncor is the primary energy delivery company in Texas, and it offers solar incentives. Fortunately, there is no limit to the rebates you can receive. The average rebate for any residential solar installation in Dallas is around $2,800. However, due to high demand, utility companies have limited rebate offers, and they run out by summer. If you apply and miss out on the standard offer, you are placed on the wait-list. In case you don’t want to keep footing the high electricity bill, you can negotiate with the solar installation company for a subsidized cost.

Property Tax Exemption

There is no doubt that solar energy increases building value. However, you don’t pay more on property tax due to the appreciation after solar panel installation in Dallas. There is no better deal! You increase the value of your property. Reduce the cost of energy in your home, and save through solar energy buyback tariffs in Dallas.

Solar Energy Credit (Buyback) in Dallas

When it comes to solar power buyback in Dallas, you can benefit from harnessing more energy. Most utility companies in Dallas provide a buyback option for residents. You can get credit for every unit of excess solar energy you supply to Oncor or any other electricity company. You get the same electricity units when there is fault on your solar panels, during maintenance, and low-production periods.

Federal Solar Tax Exemption

 You can receive a 26% (of total installation cost) tax exemption from the federal government after remitting your tax deductions. In case the cost of your solar energy system is less than the tax deduction, the amount can be rolled over to the following year. Therefore, you will not lose a single cent of the tax exemption for installing a smaller system. 

Solar Panels Cost in Dallas, TX

What is the cost of residential or commercial solar installation in Dallas? This is a common question for anyone who wants to go solar after feeling the heat of the high electricity bills. No one wants to jump from the frying pan into the fire. Therefore, there is a need to make a calculated move through the cost-benefit analysis of solar energy.

Electricity Bill Estimate in Dallas


Estimated Electricity Bill

Cumulative Electricity Bill

(Monthly Solar Savings)





































The cost of installing the average 6kW solar energy system for a home in Dallas, Texas is around $12,000 after the incentives. You might think that is too much, but it is a bargain compared to the solar savings you will make if you do the calculation. On average, most homes spend above $120 on electricity bills monthly. This could amount to more than $1,440 every year. In the long run, solar energy installation becomes a better option after the cost-benefit comparison with electricity.

From the simple illustration above, it would take around 8 years to pay back the initial cost. After the period, you enjoy FREE solar energy for as long as your solar panels are functional. The estimated lifespan of solar panels is 25 years, but some could even go for half a century. Imagine eliminating the pain of electricity bills for 15 years or even more?

Is Solar Woth it in Dallas, TX?

solar energy in Dallas

Courtesy: Weather Spark

There is every reason to go solar in Dallas, TX. The city receives enough sunlight to support solar energy throughout the year. According to the data from weather spark, December has the lowest solar energy at 2.8 kWh. The amount is enough for most homes in Dallas.

Apart from that, the government subsidies lower the cost of going solar. The ever-increasing electricity cost also give solar energy an advantage in Dallas. 

You can use Reliant Energy net-metering option to get electricity when your panels are producing limited power. The buyback allows you to supply energy to the utility company when the panels are producing excess. You get credits from the surplus and you can claim the energy when your solar power system is low on production. 

Choosing a Solar Panel Installer in Dallas, TX

Regular electricity comes with a lot of uncertainties. The effects of extreme weather conditions which can destroy the grid leave your supplies at the mercies of nature. But selecting a solar energy company is not an easy feat as well. 

You can consider the following factors when choosing a solar installer in Dallas, TX:

  • Company reliability
  • Years of experience
  • Availability of quality and affordable products and services
  • Proximity to your location
  • Installation permits and warranties

Dynamic Slr offers impeccable solar installation services and quality products to help you go solar in Dallas. Get in touch with us today for the best offer.