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Crowley, Texas is a relatively small town. The world is getting hotter by the year, and with climate change becoming more of an issue – you can utilize solar energy to help with your energy costs and the fight against climate change. If you’re a homeowner or business owner looking for the best solar energy company to work with within Crowley, Texas – you’re in the right place with us here at Dynamic SLR. We are the best solar company in Texas, and we provide the golden standard for solar panel installation.

In this article, we will talk to you about the biggest benefits of switching to solar energy in Crowley, Texas. If you’re a homeowner or business owner who has been curious about what green, clean, and affordable power can do for your home or company – this article was made for you.

Benefits of Switching to Solar In Crowley, Texas

Going Green In Crowley, Texas

Now – it wouldn’t matter if we saved all the money in the world, if our environment is in shambles right? Solar energy provides the cleanest way for you to power your home and business while protecting the nature around you. By switching to solar energy for your Crowley, Texas home – you help future generations with their battle against climate change as well. As you know – temperatures all around Texas have risen to historic numbers this summer and will continue to do so unless we make a change to use renewable energy resources.

As a business owner – going green with solar energy creates a new selling point to your customers and clients as well. If they know that you’re an environmentally friendly company that uses renewable energy from solar panels, they are more likely to do business with you over a competitor who doesn’t have a clean energy resource. The reasoning is simply because they support a green company, which means that they themselves are helping with the fight against climate change, albeit in an indirect way. Either way, you get more business, while helping out the environment locally, and globally.

Raise The Worth of Your Crowley, Texas Home

Did you know – that when you install solar panels and a solar energy system for your Crowley, Texas home, you will actually raise the value and the likelihood of your property selling?

According to Zillow – homes that have solar panels and a solar energy system installed sell for a median average of 4.1% more than their counterparts who do not have solar panels installed. Also, when you sell your home with a solar energy system attached to it, Texas law states that you will not get charged the sale tax on your solar energy system, which means you save more of the profit you get from the sale of your Crowley, Texas home.

Saving Green By Going Green In Crowley, Texas

The biggest reason many Texas homeowners and business owners switch to solar energy is to save big bucks on their energy bills. For Texans especially, going solar saves more than just cost on your monthly energy bill – it protects you from rising electricity costs. In the past two years, the energy costs in Texas have risen by a rate of 4.1% per year. In comparison, the rest of the United States has experienced a rise in energy costs by a rate of .3% per year. Texans pay the most for their electricity, and will continue to do so as power costs continually increase.

By switching to solar energy for your Crowley, Texas home, you make your energy bills predictable, affordable and you will have a fixed cost on your energy bills. This saves money for you and your family in the long run – and you can reinvest that money, or simply save it for something fun, the choice is yours.

By switching to solar energy for your Crowley, Texas business – you will save more on your operational costs. This means more profits, alongside the additional marketing point of your business as a clean, renewable energy-using company.

On average in the United States, homeowners look to save anywhere between 50-60% of their energy costs by switching to solar energy. If this isn’t a big enough benefit for you to switch to solar, we might have something a little extra for you down below.

The Federal Tax Incentive

By 2022, the Federal Tax Incentive for the switch to solar energy will no longer exist – so that’s why it’s the best time to switch over to solar energy in Crowley, Texas. The biggest benefit that the federal tax incentive gives for homeowners is the fact that you’ll be credited with 26% of the purchase/installation costs for your solar panels and solar energy system. This 26% credit will be used on your income taxes, and you will save more on the money you bring home this year by switching to solar energy.

For example, if you were to spend $10,000 on your solar panel installation and purchase, you will receive a $2600 dollar credit on your income taxes. It pays to go solar, especially in the first year of switching. By 2021 – this credit will reduce to 22%, and will no longer be available to homeowners in 2022.

In conclusion…

By switching to solar energy for your Crowley, Texas home or business, you will be saving immense amounts of money, monthly and yearly! The federal tax incentive for switching to solar energy is going to disappear by 2022, so the best time to switch is now!

As the best solar energy company in all of Texas, we make sure to get you the best results and to give you a great consultation on how much you can look to save before we start installing solar panels on your home.

We provide the golden standard in solar installations, design, and pricing. The best time to go solar is now – and the most lucrative time to go solar for businesses is right before the new year.

Here at Dynamic SLR, we want to make sure we get you covered A-Z, and to help you save green while being green!

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