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Corinth, Texas, is known for many things. One of the things that makes it one of the greenest cities in Texas is its SolSmart Silver rating. In 2018, Corinth received a designation from the national SolSmart program for “making it faster, easier, and more affordable for homes and businesses to go solar”.

The city has adopted solar-friendly practices, such as streamlining the switch to solar energy in Corinth, TX. The local authorities have made the permit and application processes simpler and easier to implement. Corinth’s Planning and Development department has been striving to assist business owners, and homeowners get affordable and renewable energy to meet their needs.

The city of Corinth is a beacon for renewable energy resources. It has made an easy-to-use and dependable system for residents to switch to solar energy.

This article will break down the different benefits of switching to solar energy in Corinth, TX. We will also highlight the Federal Tax Incentive to help you save even more money on your solar panels and installation.

Benefits of Switching to Solar Energy in Corinth, TX

Save on Energy Costs

This is the primary reason why many homeowners and businesses want to switch to solar energy in Corinth, TX. By having a solar energy system, on average, a homeowner in the United States (let alone Corinth) will see a reduction of 50-60% on their energy bill.

The best part about having a solar energy system is the ability to use nearly limitless power during the day. Corinth receives about 12 hours of sunlight every day. As a resident you can use these resource to your advantage and save some bucks.

As a business owner, not only will solar energy help you save monthly energy costs, but you can also use solar energy as a marketing or promotional tool. Displaying your business as green and clean can bring in more customers who are looking to support eco-friendly businesses. Not only that, but its a unique value proposition that gives you an edge over your competitors.

Independence from the Utility Provider

Solar energy in Corinth, Texas, has become easier than ever to install and purchase. However, there is one thing many homeowners and business owners don’t know that you can add alongside your solar energy system, which will reduce your energy costs to $0. That’s right – $0. Remember when we said how Corinth, Texas receives about 12  hours of sunlight daily? At night, you receive credit for the energy you didn’t use during the day and reduce your energy bill for supplying to the grid. You still use energy from your utility provider at night – which generally has a higher price per rate.

By installing an energy storage system, you can store all the power your solar panels and solar energy system harness throughout the day. All the energy you don’t use during the day will be transferred to your energy storage system for use at night. From that point forward, your home is completely off-the-grid. You will never have to rely on your utility provider for energy ever again, and now you are truly using a renewable energy resource for your home in Corinth, Texas.

You can use the same energy storage system for your business. As we have mentioned earlier, solar energy can be a marketing and promotional tool for your business. By being completely off-the-grid, you not only eliminate energy costs, but you can also use that as a selling point to your customers/clients. Another edge you will have on your competitors is that energy storage systems protect you from random rolling blackouts and the loss of power when a natural disaster strikes. You can continue working while making a profit.

Increase the Value of Your Home

By switching to solar energy, you also add value to your homes. According to the Zillow report, homes with solar panels appreciate by 4.1% in comparison to homes without solar panels. Texas also exempts any sales tax on an installed solar energy system. When you sell your home – you are not subject to sales tax which can lower your profit.

Another way a solar energy system provides value for your home is because potential homebuyers are more willing to buy your home. It becomes a selling point for potential homebuyers. Reduced energy costs can play a role in the decision to purchase your property.

Why should you switch to solar energy sooner than later?

The Federal Tax Incentives

 Currently, the federal tax credit stands at 26% of the purchase/installation costs for your solar panel system.

For example, if you purchase a solar energy system and installed it for $10,000 – you will receive a Federal Tax credit of $2,600. You can use this tax credit on your income taxes, thereby saving you more of the money you’ve earned. That’s why this is the best time to switch to solar energy in Corinth, TX. Corinth has SolSmart Silver ranking in permits and applications efficiency for solar installation. You can also use the Federal Tax Credit to save more on your income. 

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