Solar Energy Coppell, TX

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You have no reason not to go solar in Coppell, TX. The city has a solar viability of 84%, but currently, only a few homes use it. You could be the next to gain independence from the utility company. Dynamic Slr has the best deals for solar installation services and products in Coppell.

We have experienced and professional solar installers who will help you transition from conventional electricity. You can help to conserve the environment through solar energy. Coppell could eliminate up to 147,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide if solar power were embraced to full potential. According to Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018), the project would be equivalent to planting close to 4 million trees in 10 years.


At Dynamic, we offer long term warranties as a quality guarantee. Solar panel installation should be a long term project. It also helps to increase the value of your property by up to 4%. As a locally-based company, we understand all the dynamics of solar panel installation in Coppell, TX. The climate, roof orientation, and angle are some of the essential factors we consider.

How Much Do Solar Panel Cost in Coppell, TX

The average cost of solar panels in Coppell, TX, is $2.6 per watt. The amount is almost the same as the average cost of solar panels in the United States. Most homes in Coppell can rely on a 6 kW even on cloudy days. The output of the panels can reduce to 25% when the sky is not clear. You can apply for government solar installation incentives (26%) to reduce the cost.

Total cost of 6 kW solar panels: 2.6 × 6,000 = 15,600

Solar panel installation ITC (26%): 15600 × 26% = 4,056

Net Cost (Total Cost – ITC): 15,600 – 4,056 = $11,544

Every month, you spend around $120 on electricity bills. The amount could be higher than that, depending on your consumption. Cumulatively, you spend close to $1,500 on electricity bills annually. The amount you spend on utility bills for 8 years is enough to install a solar panel system in Coppell, TX.


You will enjoy free energy after the payback period, which is around 8 years. Most solar panel systems can last for 30 years or even more. That means for 22 years, or even more, you will not incur utility expenses for 22 years. However, the capacity of the panels can reduce to 85% after a decade. To take care of the reduction, you can add more solar panels to boost the capacity.

Solar Panel Incentives in Coppell

Texas does not have any statewide solar rebates. However, most utility providers like Oncor and CoServ offer incentives to their clients. You should apply for solar rebates early in the year because they are usually limited. Organizations that advocate for green energy also offer solar installation incentives.

The federal government offers investment tax credit at 26% of the total cost. Previously, the ITC was 30%, but the government reduced it in 2020. 

You can also get solar financing from our partners. We have loans and leases which have lower interest rates than ordinary loans. The payment terms are also friendly. You can get long-term loans through zero-down financing options. If you meet all the requirements, you can go solar with the amount you spend on your electricity bills annually.

Uses of Solar Energy

Solar power has numerous uses- large scale and small scale. Like conventional electricity, you can use solar energy to heat, light, cool, dry, and run machinery. Unlike the other source of energy, solar does not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere.

The energy is used to run home appliances and electronics. You can use to run fridges, TVs, ovens, phones, blenders, among others. The power can also run garden machineries like mowers, chaff cutters, and irrigation systems.

In modern technology, solar energy is used to run electric cars. There are other innovations under tests like solar roads and ships.  The power can also run air conditioners, heaters, and coolers.


In large scale applications, solar energy is used in factories to run machinery. Solar power plants are common in industries that want to reduce their carbon emissions.