Solar Energy Colleyville, TX

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solar energy

Today, you only pay 1% of the amount you would have to pay for solar energy installation in Colleyville, 50 years ago. Solar power was a sign of affluence and only for a few homes. But as it stands today, you can go solar without breaking your bank. Affordable solar panels, cheap installation services, government incentives to solar financing, there is no better time to go solar.

Conventional electricity has dominated for years after taking over from coal. But due to concerns about global warming, commercial and residential properties are going for more sustainable options. Solar energy is the front-runner because of its affordability in comparison to other options like wind power.


Dynamic SLR offers free solar quotes to help you eliminate or reduce your utility bills. We also guide you through the incentive and financing application process to make solar installation in Colleyville affordable. You can count on us for quality solar panels, which we source from top brands in the market. We also offer long term warranties as a quality guarantee. Our solar systems can last for more than 30 years after installation.

Solar Panel Cost in Colleyville, TX

Does solar energy make economic sense? That is the question most of our clients face before making the decision. On average, the cost of solar panels in Colleyville, TX is $2.8 per watt. Therefore, 6 kW capacity solar panels would cost around $16,800. For commercial solar installation, the amount could be lower because the rate drops with an increase in capacity.

The federal government offers investment tax credit at 26% for both commercial and residential properties. However, the rate will drop to 22% in 2021. After 2022, residential ITC will be scrapped off, but commercial installation will retain a permanent 10% incentive. You can also get solar rebates from your utility company. Texas does not have statewide incentives, but you can apply from providers like Oncor and CoServ. You can pay less than $12,000 for the solar panel system if you get the solar incentives.

6,000 × 2.8 = 16,800

16,800 × 26% =4,368

16,800 – 4,368 = $12,432

Dynamic SLR also connects you with solar financing institutions in Colleyville. We have partners who can offer solar financial assistance if you meet the requirements. Our solar loans and leases have lower interest rates than ordinary loans. The repayment period is also friendly. 

Important Solar Installation Questions

1. Do solar panels work during cloudy days?

Solar panels produce up to 25% of the total capacity during cloudy days. The amount is enough to sustain your consumption. You can run machinery, appliances and light your premises.

2. Do I require storage batteries to gain independence from the utility company?

Although you can use a grid-tied solar panel system in Colleyville, storage batteries help 100% transition from conventional electricity.

3. How many solar panels do I require in Colleyville?

Different factors affect the size of the solar panel for your building. Commercial solar installation may require huge solar panels because of the high consumption. Most homes in Colleyville can rely on a 6 kW solar panel system. Other factors, like roof angle and orientation, also affect the number of solar panels you require.

4. How long does a solar panel system last?

Solar panels can last for 20-50 years, depending on maintenance. At Dynamic SLR, we offer warranties of up to 25 years as a quality guarantee. However, it is essential to note that the panels’ capacity can reduce to around 80% after a decade. You can add more solar panels to boost the capacity.

5. What is a net-metering system?

The net-metering system allows you to supply excess solar energy from your panels to the grid system. When your system is in low supply, you can get solar credit from the electricity company.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Do you want to reduce your energy bills or say goodbye to your utility company? Solar energy is the way to go. You could save up to $1,500 every year on your utility bills. Apart from the initial installation cost of solar panels, there are no other significant costs.

Colleyville has solar eligibility of 73%, which could reduce carbon dioxide by close to 57 metric tons. Solar energy is renewable and clean.

The amount of solar energy that hits the earth for 20 days is equivalent to all the world’s oil and coal reserves. Coal and oil are also environmental pollutants; they are the primary contributors to pollution.


The solar energy industry employs over 240,000 and 11 million people in America and globally, respectively. The sector is still creating more jobs as it takes over from conventional energy sources.

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