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solar energy

The world could utilize 1 hour of the sun’s energy for a whole year without depletion. Every 60 minutes, 430 quintillion joules of energy hit the earth from the sun. But why are we not tapping into this power? Currently, solar energy contributes around 2% of global electricity consumption. Although the percentage is still small, it is an increase of more than 2 times over the past 10 years. Countries have also increased their efforts to go solar. Let’s look at the viability of solar energy in your home in Cleburne, TX.

In Cleburne, you can go off-grid and gain independence from the utility company. You can save the $1,500 you spend on electricity bills every year. Dynamic SLR is your go-to solar panel installation company in Cleburne.

We have quality solar panels that come with long-term warranties as a quality guarantee. Apart from that, our solar panel installers have all it takes to help you transit from conventional electricity. We offer you a free solar quote to help you make an informed decision. As a locally-based company, we understand all the dynamics of solar installation in Cleburne. We can assess your utility bills and roof to develop a design that fits your commercial or residential property.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Cleburne, TX

The average cost of solar panels in Cleburne, TX, is around $2.8 per watt. For commercial installation, which may require large-capacity solar panels, the rate may be lower. Residential properties can rely on a 6 kW solar panel system for all their uses. The estimated cost of such a system is $16,800 before any incentives.

The federal government offers investment tax credit at 26% of the total cost. The rates are expected to drop to 22% in 2021. After 2022, only commercial solar installation will enjoy 10% permanent ITC. You can take advantage of the deductions to reduce the cost of installing solar panels in Cleburne, TX.

2.8 × 6,000 = $16,800

16,800 × 26% = 4,368

16,800 – 4,368 = 12,432

Apart from federal government incentives, you can get solar rebates from your utility companies. Texas does not have statewide solar incentives.

Solar Panel Capacity

Cost (2.8 × System Size)

Net Cost (Cost-ITC)

4 kW



5 kW



6 kW



7 kW



8 kW



9 kW



10 kW



Dynamic SLR also partners with financial institutions to offer solar loans and leases to our clients. Zero down solar financing in Cleburne, TX, takes care of the cost.

Solar Savings in Cleburne, TX

Do you want to enjoy free energy from the sun? Go solar today and bid goodbye to the average $120 monthly utility bills. Yearly, homes in Cleburne spend around $1,500 on utility bills. Cumulatively, 8 years of the amount you pay the electricity company is enough to install solar panels in Cleburne.

Solar panel systems can last for more than 30 years. Therefore, you can enjoy free energy from the sun for more than 20 years. However, the system can reduce its output to 80% after a decade. You can add more panels to boost the capacity to meet your consumption. During cloudy days, solar panels can retain a capacity of up to 25%. The output is enough to sustain your usage.


Solar Saving

Payback Balance (Total Cost-Cumulative Solar Savings)



































Solar energy also improves the value of a property by up to 4%. The increase in value does not attract any property tax.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy has several benefits- economic, environmental, and social. First, green energy helps in the reduction of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. It is a substitute for conventional energy sources like coal and oil, which pollute the environment. Environmental pollution has led to global warming, and countries are working round the clock to avert the effects. Solar power plays a critical role in preventing the predicted 2°C increase in temperature by 2050.

The solar energy industry has employed over 240,000 people in the USA. Globally, the sector has over 11 million employees. As more homes and commercial buildings go solar, more people will get jobs. There also innovations that have resulted from solar energy. Companies like Tesla are working to improve on their electric cars with a solar power option.


The environmental and economic benefits of solar energy contribute to social welfare. 

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