Solar Energy Cedar Hill, TX

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According to Project Sunroof data explorer, almost all buildings in Cedar Hill are eligible for solar panel installation.  The solar eligibility in the city is around 97%. However, there are currently less than 100 solar panel systems.  The installation of PV solar panel systems on the Government Center building in 2011 was a step in the right direction. The project, which cost around $950,000, saves the city $210,000 in utility bills every year.

Although the Government Center case is an example of a commercial solar installation project in Cedar Hill, it can act as a good illustration of the benefits of solar energy. The payback period for the solar installation program was less than 5 years. The solar panels will last for several decades without losing a considerable percentage of their full capacity.

In residential PV solar panel installation, the payback period is around 8 years. Solar panels can last for up to 30 years. Therefore, you can enjoy free energy for more than 20 years. At Dynamic Slr, we help you to evaluate the economic sense of going solar. After giving you a free solar quote, we use your average electricity bills to estimate the payback period. 

Solar Savings in Cedar Hill, TX

How much do you spend on you pay the utility company every month? Most Cedar Hill residents part with $120 every month to cater for electricity bills. You can say goodbye to the agony of paying the hefty rates by going solar. Once you pay for the initial installation cost of solar panels in Cedar Hill, you can enjoy free energy, for as long as your system is functional.

Most households spend almost $1,500 on electricity every year. In a decade, the amount is enough to fund solar panel installation in Cedar Hill. The project’s payback is usually around 8 years, depending on the size of your solar panel system and your monthly consumption. Your annual utility bills help the solar installers to estimate the capacity of a system that can sustain your home.

For commercial buildings, the solar savings could even be higher, thus a shorter payback period. Large projects may pay less than the average cost of $2.8 per watt. Lower prices mean that the payback period will be shorter as well. Most residential solar panel installations in Cedar Hill are around 6 kW. The system can sustain activities like lighting, heating, cooling, cooking, and iron. It can also help in the running of equipment and machinery that use electricity.

Cost of 6 kW solar panel system:

6 × 2.8 = 16,800

Deduct federal government IT (26%):

16,800 × 26% =4,368

16,800 – 4,368 = 12,432


Solar Savings = Utility Bill

Cumulative Solar Savings (Cost – Savings)




























Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy has a lot of benefits to the economy as well as environment. These benefits trickle down to improve the welfare of the society.

The industry has employed close to 250,000 people, according to EESI. Projections show that solar power will be the primary source of energy globally by 2050. Therefore, more jobs will be created as the world embraces green energy. 

Solar power installation in Cedar Hill has personal financial benefits. First, it saves a lot on utility bills every month. Apart from that, solar panels increase the value of a property by up to 4%. Property appreciation is not subject to taxation. 

If Cedar Hill were to go solar entirely, it would be equivalent to planting 4.5 million trees in a decade. The industry is a primary contributor to the reduction of per capita carbon footprint. The global target is to drop the current 4 metric tons to 2 by 2050. If we achieve this, we will avoid the probable rise in temperature by 2°C.

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