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As a business owner, you might be wondering, “what benefits are there for me to switch to solar energy in Carrollton, TX?” Well, solar energy is quickly becoming one of the most important staples of energy in Texas.  Nearly 18% of all power generated in Texas is from solar or wind energy. The conservation of energy and the fight against climate change has created a new value proposition for many businesses around the United States, let alone Carrollton, Texas. If you’re looking for an edge to beat your competitors, switch to solar energy. You can be amongst the first business owners to promote a green and clean energy business.

Read further for the benefits that your business will receive by switching to solar power.

Before we get into how you can use solar energy to promote your business, let’s look at the fundamental benefits that switching to solar energy can do for your business.

Benefits of Solar Energy for Your Business

Energy Cost Reduction

With less cost relating to energy, you can operate more efficiently with more money saved by your business immediately. For a long term investment, solar energy systems can give you an abundance of energy at nearly half the cost of electricity. Reducing your energy costs allows you to use the saved money toward new operating tools, marketing expenses, or repairs needed to be done on your brick and mortar shop. The savings generated by your solar energy system allows you to give back to local charities and communities within Carrollton, Texas. This gives your business a better local reputation and advertising at the same time.

Protecting Your Business When Disaster Strikes

Solar panels only do half of the job when it comes to making your business energy independent. Your solar energy system does not have a built-in energy storage system when you purchase it. As a business owner, you should take into account the risks of when or how a natural disaster (or a simple power outage) can affect your daily activities as a business. 

When Dynamic SLR installs your solar panels and solar energy system, you can inquire about an energy storage system. It stores the energy your solar panels produce and acts as a power backup. This allows you to keep working while your competitors in Carrollton are left in the dark. Contact us if you’re looking for the best solar energy company in Carrollton, TX, to help you get off the grid.

Extra Promotional Value

Solar energy doesn’t just give you a reduced cost for power, it also makes your company unique. The Green Paradox shows how customers or clients want to go green. People have become more environmentally friendly or more climate aware, but only when they can save money or receive the same great service they have received in the past. By switching to solar energy in Carrolton, TX, you can utilize your green energy as a way to sell your goods and services. Your customers or clients will love the fact that you are progressively moving towards a sustainable business model. Their conscience will make them feel better by buying from an “eco-friendly” or green business. This way, they feel they are also making an impact on the environment and combating climate change by supporting you and your business.

Now, let’s find out which solar incentives are available in Carrollton, TX, and how you can utilize the federal tax credit for your commercial property by switching to solar energy.

Currently, the city of Carrollton, TX, does not have a city-wide solar incentive. But this does not mean that solar energy is not progressing its way through the city. As of today, Carrollton has two solar power systems that generated 30.55 kW of power each. This means that the solar project can power 50% of Carrollton’s Fire Station, thus reducing the cost spent on energy usage from taxes.

Even though Carrollton has no localized solar energy incentives, you can apply for the federal tax incentives. If you want  Dynamic SLR (the best solar company in Carrollton, TX) to help you get the permits, applications, and licenses necessary to get the federal incentive, we are here for you 24/7.

The Federal Tax Credit Incentive

For your commercial property, you will use the Section 48 credit of the Investment Tax Credit given by the government. Basically, it states that any business that installs, develops, or finances a solar energy project can claim the credit. The credit enables your company to reduce your income tax by 26% of the costs associated with solar energy system installation. The bigger and more costly the system, the more you can reduce your business’s income tax.

That’s a huge extra benefit for switching to solar energy in Carrollton, TX. You beat out competitors and save money in both the long and short run by showcasing your eco-friendly and sustainable business by switching to solar energy. On top of that, you’re protecting yourself and your business from any emergencies or power outages by using an energy storage system.

If you’re looking to switch to solar energy in Carrollton, TX, let Dynamic SLR help you today so that you can help out your business for the rest of its life. Contact us for a free consultation.

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