Solar Energy Burleson, TX

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Burleson enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year. The weather is conducive to install solar panels. But the number of solar panel installers in Burleson can be overwhelming. How can you select the best out of the list of solar installation companies? These are some factors you should consider:

Reliable services: what do previous clients say about the company? At Dynamic Slr, customer satisfaction is our priority. We seek to deliver beyond your expectation to give you value for your money. When it comes to turnaround, we keep our promise of providing the service on time.

Quality and affordable products: Looking for cheap solar panels in Burleson, TX? Dynamic should be your number 1 choice. We source our products from the top brands. You don’t have to break your bank to install solar panels in Burleson; we’ve all you need at competitive prices without compromise.

Licensing: If you want to avoid any friction with authorities, you should go for licensed solar installation companies. We have all the required permits to help you go solar. We also help you to acquire permits from the local authorities. The documents are crucial because they help you when claiming solar incentives. They also validate the warranty.

Cost of Solar Panels in Burleson, TX

Does solar energy installation in Burleson, TX, make economic sense? This is a common concern for most of our clients. To get the answer, we will take you through a few calculations.

First, the average solar panel cost in Burleson, TX, is $2.9 per watt. Therefore, if you want to install a 6 kW solar panel system, you will spend 17,400 before the investment tax credit. After factoring in the incentive, you can pay less than $13,000. Some utility companies also offer solar rebates in Burleson. You should check with your provider if they have such incentives.

2.9 × 6,000 = 17,400

The current rate of ITC from the federal government is 26%. The rate is set to go down to 22% in 2021. The government will scrap off residential solar installation tax credit but retain 10% for commercial property in 2022. You can take advantage of the incentives to reduce the initial cost of installation.

17,400 × 26% = 4,524

17,400 – 4,524 = $12,876

Apart from cash payments, you can also get solar financing in Burleson. There are solar loans and leases which you can apply if you meet the requirements. In most cases, the interest rates for such funding are lower than ordinary loans.

How to Go Solar in Burleson, TX

Wondering how you can go about solar panel installation in Burleson, TX? We have made it easy for you. In the comfort of your home, you can send us a free solar quote request, and we begin the journey to help you say goodbye to the hefty electricity bills. We request your address and the current utility bills, which help us to determine your average consumption.

Your address helps us determine the number of solar panels your roof can accommodate and how to optimize it. Roof angle and orientation are essential factors in determining how efficient solar panels can be. The panels should face south so that they are exposed to the sun throughout.

After getting the quote, you sign an agreement, and we start the solar installation process. The first step is to apply for the necessary permits to install solar panels on your property. We guide you through the process. You should trim any shade encroaching on your building to maximize your solar panels’ capacity.

Dynamic Slr sends a team of professional solar installers who will help you to transition seamlessly. We source all the necessary products and tools to give you an easy time. As the best solar panel suppliers in Burleson, we have quality solar panels and other accessories. 

Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy has immense economic and environmental benefits to your neighborhood and the world at large. Solar installation helps in the reduction of environmental pollution, which has led to global warming. According to statistics, the average carbon footprint per person is 4 metric tons yearly. The amount should reduce by half before 2050 to avoid the probable 2°C increase in temperature.

The economic benefits of solar energy include the creation of employment and spurring innovation. The industry employs close to 250,000 people in the US, according to IEES. The number will keep increasing as more people embrace green energy. Solar power is expected to be the primary source of energy by 2050.