Solar Energy Brazos Country, TX

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solar energy

The good news is, 92% of roofs in Brazos Country, TX are viable for solar power, which means that most people can easily install solar panels. If your roof disqualifies such installations due to its size or other factors, ground-mounted solar panels are an excellent resort.

At Dynamic Slr, we help our customers enjoy this vast and free resource. We design residential and commercial arrays to suit our clients’ needs. Additionally, we provide quality solar panels from the best manufacturers and with a long-term warranty as a guarantee.

Homes that install solar power enjoy a 4% rise on their property. If you are worried about finances, we have partnered with the best solar financing institutions. As a result, our clients enjoy friendly repayment services.  

Solar for Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction

Global warming should be a significant concern for everyone on the globe. Installing and using solar energy not only saves you money, but it’s also a lifesaver to the planet. Imagine living in a city where emissions of  829K Carbon dioxide are voidable through solar installation.

It is the same as removing 175K cars off the road for a year or growing 21.3 million tree seedlings over 10 years. There are over 92.4M of roof space in Bravos County, and Dynamic Slr service the city with panels that have long-lasting warranties for a greater lifespan.

Solar Saves You Money

With the current economic situation, saving a buck is in most household’s best interest. According to the EIA data, the average electric bill in Texas as of May 2020 was 11.98 cents per kWh. This is a bit higher than other states due to the cooling requirements of a Texan household and the fact that the houses in Texas are bigger.

The sun is free for everyone, therefore, using its energy for household or even commercial consumption is a sure way of reducing the electric bill. Bravos Country, TX receives moderate sunshine, 3.8% above average. Using a photovoltaic solar panel will reduce your cost to $0.12 per kWh. This means that a higher than average user gets an opportunity to save more.

The average cost of installing a solar panel is $16,620 for a residential 6 kW system. The federal tax credit of the same is 22%. When you consider the ITC incentive, the total cost for solar is around $12,964. An average home in Bravos Country, TX, spends about $1,500 annually on electricity. When you install solar panels, you can use the electricity bill to pay for solar. When you reach the solar break-even, you continue to enjoy electricity for free.

Commercial installations also help most businesses save on overhead costs. As a result, businesses become more stable and gain green credit from consumers.

Creating Jobs through Solar Installation

The demand for solar energy has increased since its innovation. The last decade has led to the phenomenal growth of about 49% annually. This growth has led to job creation. According to research, every megawatt of solar panel installed brings an opportunity.

Picture this, the engineer behind the technology, the salesman that pitches the solar panels, and the technician that installs the PV modules. They all have livelihoods through income created from installing photovoltaic solar panels.

At Dynamic Slr, this is more than a job. Our solar panel installers in Bravos County are the best at what they do. They ensure your system is perfectly sized and monitor the system to ensure it is working correctly. We also equip our clients with information to monitor their systems and notice if anything is amiss.

Additionally, we provide maintenance tips to keep the system in perfect condition. Proper PV maintenance can see the system’s lifespan extend beyond 40 years, thus giving you electricity for a long time.

Should You Install Solar Panels in Brazos Country, TX?

The general answer to that question is yes. Considering that solar panels require little maintenance, the government offers you a tax credit to make the installation easier and more affordable. Due to various factors, the rising cost of electricity also encourages home and business owners in Bravos Country, TX, to install photovoltaic modules.

You can choose from an array of available options to see which fits your energy requirements. You can talk to us today at Dynamic Slr for guidance on this. Our solar experts are on standby to receive your call.