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As a suburb of Fort Worth, Benbrook has seen its fair share of visitors from different Texas areas to have fun on Benbrook Lake. The visitors bring with them money, opportunities, and more carbon emissions. Carbon emissions are the leading cause of climate change, and we can feel its effects locally and globally. That’s why it’s the best time to switch to solar energy in Benbrook, Texas. Not only will you save on your monthly energy bills, but you will also do your part in the fight against climate change.

Let’s break down the effects of climate change and how switching to solar energy in Benbrook, Texas, can avert its effects locally while also saving you money. On top of that – we will explain to you the Federal solar Tax Credit incentive for homeowners and businesses. Take advantage of the incentives to reduce the cost.

Benefits of Switching to Solar Energy in Benbrook, TX

Reduction of Carbon Emissions

As a homeowner or business owner in Benbrook, you release tons of carbon emissions when you use fossil fuel. In fact – non-renewable resources make up 80% of Texas’s fuel sources – releasing a massive amount of carbon. By switching to solar energy for your Benbrook home or business, you can reduce your carbon footprint.

By using renewable resources, you can help with the fight against climate change. This protects future generations from enduring its destructive effects. As a business owner, you can use the fact that you’re running on solar energy as a promotional tool. Clients love working with eco-friendly and progressive companies. This will give you an edge over other businesses that aren’t using clean energy in Benbrook.

Reduction of Solar Energy Costs

Remember when we said you could use solar energy as a promotional tool for your business in Benbrook, Texas? Well, solar energy can also halve your energy costs for your home and business. Imagine an investment that not only gives you a marketing edge over your competitors but also reduces the amount you spend on operational costs. By keeping your energy costs low – you can reinvest the saved money you’ve earned and use it for more marketing, new machines/tools, or save for a rainy day.

On average, a homeowner who switches to solar energy in the United States saves 50% to 60% on the energy bills. Apart from that, you will harness the energy which you can use limitlessly during the day. Any excess energy during the day is sent to your utility provider, who gives you credit on your monthly energy bill for the energy you have produced for them.

There is also another way to reduce your energy costs completely. By switching to solar energy in Benbrook, Texas – you can also get off-the-grid completely by installing an energy storage system. Any excess electricity during the day is stored for use at night. You can say goodbye to the utility company today.

Increase the Value of Your Home

By switching to solar energy, you also add value to your home. According to a report by Zillow, homes with solar panels installed rise by a median value of 4.1% compared to homes without solar panels. The great state of Texas also exempts any sales tax on an installed solar energy system. When you sell your home – you are not subject to sales tax which can lower your profit.

Another way a solar energy system provides value for your home in Benbrook, TX, is that potential homebuyers are more willing to buy your home. It becomes a selling point for potential homebuyers. Reduced energy costs can play a role in the decision to purchase your property.

Now that we’ve shown you a couple of benefits that you can reap when you switch over to solar energy in Benbrook, Texas – let us show you the ultimate reason why you should switch to solar energy sooner rather than later.

The Federal Tax Credit

The Federal Tax Credit allows you to use 26% of solar energy installation and panel costs as a credit on your income taxes. This can be a huge benefit to both homeowners and business owners, as you can keep more of your income in the first year of going solar.

If you’re looking for the best solar company in Benbrook, Texas, to help you with your switch to solar energy – you’re in the right place. At Dynamic SLR, we make sure that you understand every step of your switch to solar. We provide the golden standard in solar installations, all at an affordable price.

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