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Every hour, over 430 quintillion joules of solar energy hit the earth. The amount is more than what the whole world consumes in an entire year. Bedford is one of the most potent cities for solar panel installation. 

According to Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018), 77% of Bedford roofs are eligible for solar energy. Go solar today and take control of your utility bills. But which is the best solar installation company in Bedford? There are some factors you should consider when choosing a solar panel installer.

First, is the company reliable? At Dynamic Slr, our reputation is unmatched when it comes to the delivery of excellent solar installation services in Bedford, TX. You can bet on us that once we install your system, it will last for decades. We offer long term warranties that guarantee nothing short of the best.

Solar panel cost is another essential factor you should keep in mind when selecting a solar panel installer in Bedford. We have affordable prices for solar panels, solar accessories, as well as installation services. Our team of staff also guides you through the incentive application process to help you cut on costs. 


Experience and professionalism are also a must-check for the solar installation contractors you choose. You can check previous projects and reviews from other clients to get a snippet of what you should expect. Dynamic solar understands the essential aspects (orientation, roof angle, and shading) to check before starting the process.

Solar Panel Savings in Bedford, TX

Annually, you spend around $1,500 on electricity bills. The amount keeps increasing with the consistent rise in the rates of electricity. In a decade, the amount you pay is enough to finance a solar energy system that could last you for even 30 years.

The average cost of solar panels in Bedford, TX, is $2.75 or even lower, depending on the capacity of the solar panel system. The higher the size, the lower the rate per watt.  For example, if we take a 6 kW solar panel system, the cost is around $16,500.

6000 × 2.75 = $16,500

You can also apply for the federal government investment tax credit at 26%. Therefore, you will only incur 74% of the total cost of the project.

16,500 × 74% = $12,210

Apart from the ITC, you can also apply for solar rebates from green energy organizations or utility companies. Texas does not have a statewide solar rebate program.

The payback period for the solar energy system would be around eight years. That means you will enjoy free energy for the rest of the system’s lifespan after the 8th year. The solar panel system could last for 30 years or more if you do proper maintenance.

Solar Panel Maintenance Practices

The panels are low-maintenance gadgets and require few cleanings, if any, per year. Bedford experiences regular showers of rain, which is enough to wash the panels clean.

You should cut any encroaching shade to maintain the optimum output of the solar panels. You can use a clean cloth to wipe the panels in case of excessive dust or snow that inhibits sunlight.

Apart from the panels, you should keep the other accessories in good condition to avoid breakdown. Ensure that the regulators, storage batteries, inverters, and the net-metering system are functioning properly. Under good maintenance, solar panels can retain a capacity of up to 80% after a decade. You can add solar panels when the system has a lower output than your regular consumption. 

Why Go Solar in Bedford?

Does solar energy make economic sense? That is one of the major concerns for potential clients. Considering that the payback period is around eight years and the lifespan of solar panels is 30 years, you can enjoy free solar energy in Bedford for more than 22 years.

Solar panel installation is also essential in combating the effects of environmental pollution. If Bedford were to go solar to full potential, it would be equivalent to planting more than 2 million trees for ten years. The projects would also eliminate over 90k metric tons of carbon dioxide. The world is in a rush against time to revert the probable 2°C increase in temperature by 2050. You can be part of this global course to preserve the earth.

The solar energy industry is also a source of employment. Currently, there are close to 250,000 people employed in the sector. Therefore, you are also creating jobs in Bedford when you go solar.