Solar Energy Baytown, TX

Imagine if you had a way to get rid of utility bills? Now stop imagining because there is a way out. Contact Dynamic for solar panel installation in Baytown, TX.


Although Baytown has one of Texas’s highest solar eligibility rates at 93%, the city has less than 10 buildings running on solar. The number is negligible, considering more than 22,000 buildings are good to go solar, according to Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018). With the current increase in electricity rates, solar power is the best option for businesses and homes in Baytown, TX. On the contrary, the cost of solar energy has shown a steady decline over the years. The trend will continue as more efficient solar panels make entry into the market. 

At Dynamic SLR, we help you transition from conventional electricity at the most attractive rates in the market. You can also count on us for quality solar panels in Baytown, TX. Our solar panel installers have years of experience working with homes and businesses for small and large scale projects. For transparency, we do full cost disclosure to help you make better and informed solar decisions. Solar panel installation is a long term project that requires sober analysis before settling for anything. 

Our free solar quote helps you to understand the cost implications of the project. All we require are your address and previous monthly bills to estimate the size of a solar energy system that can sustain your consumption. Because Baytown has a favorable climate for solar panel installation, you can rely entirely on solar power after installing energy storage batteries. Some of the factors that affect the cost and size of your solar panel system include:

  • Availability of federal and local solar incentives.
  • Roof angle and orientation.
  • Size of the solar energy system.
  • Type of the system (grid-tied or off-grid solar energy).

Solar Savings in Baytown, TX

Do you know that the amount you have spent on electricity bills over the past 10 years is enough to go off-grid? Every year, homeowners in Baytown spend around $1,500 on utility bills. Cumulatively, The amount could be more than $15,000 in a decade. However, you might spend even more in the next 10 years because the rate of electricity will keep increasing.

Let’s do a few calculations to see if solar energy makes economic sense. First, the average cost of solar panels in Baytown is around $2.8 per watt. If we can take a 6 kW solar panel system as our example, we can estimate the amount you will spend on solar panels. However, you should also consider other expenses like installation, inverters, storage batteries, and cables. Before we even claim the incentives, we can get the total cost of solar panels.

2.8 × 6,000 = 16,800

The federal government offers investment tax credit at 26% of the total cost. You can claim the benefits and reduce the financial obligation to go solar in Baytown, TX. Dynamic SLR takes you through the process of applying for ITC. 


Net cost = 16,800  × 74% = $12,432

After going solar in Baytown, you can save up to $120 every month. Annually, the amount could be higher than $1,500. Considering these factors, it would take around 8 years to pay for the solar panels. After the payback period, you enjoy free energy from the sun for as long as the system is functional. Solar panels can last for more than 30 years after installation. Therefore, you will enjoy free electricity for more than 20 years. 

Solar Savings Table


Solar Savings

Cumulative Solar Savings (Savings-cost)




























Solar Energy Incentives in Baytown, TX

Texas has the highest cost of electricity in the US. That alone is enough reason to go solar in Baytown after enduring years of high utility bills. The state does not have any statewide solar incentives, but some companies offer the same. You can apply for solar rebates from your utility provider. Although they are limited, the incentives can reduce the cost of solar panel installation in Baytown by 20%.

Besides the direct monetary benefits, solar panel installation increases a building’s value by up to 4%. To make the deal even better, the appreciation is not subject to property tax. The installation also attracts more potential buyers when you want to sell your house.

Currently, the federal government gives 26% ITC of the total cost of solar panels and installation in Baytown. In 2019, the rate was 30%. There are also plans to lower the investment tax credit in future. 

Benefits of Solar Energy in Baytown

The environmental benefits of solar energy are unmatched. First, as a coal alternative, solar power helps in the reduction of carbon emissions. Baytown emits over 380k metric tons of carbon dioxide every year, which you could reduce through solar installation. The impact would be equivalent to growing close to 10 million trees for a decade. 

Businesses that use solar energy have the upper hand over competitors. Green energy proponents want to support companies that use clean energy. You can target these customers. When there is a power outage, you can continue running your activities through solar energy. 

The solar energy industry also creates jobs. According to EESI, the sector has over 240,000 employees in the United States. IRENA reports that the industry has more than 11 million employees globally.