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A city away from the hustle and bustle of Dallas, Texas. Balch Springs offers a calm, tranquil life compared to its city-counter parts. Balch Springs was known for its natural water springs boarded up since the city’s inception in 1873. 

As a homeowner in Balch Springs, Texas – you must be familiar with the summer heat. It’s not just a matter of temperature, but also fossil fuels burned every day to keep up with the city’s energy requirements for electricity and air-conditioning. If you’re sick of hefty electricity prices and the negative impacts of non-renewable energy, it may be time to switch to solar energy.

What are the benefits of switching to solar energy in Balch Springs, TX? What are the incentives available at the Federal level to reduce the cost of your solar panels and solar installation?

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Reasons to Switch To Solar Energy

Free Your Home from the Grasp of Utility Providers

Do you want to save money on your energy bills by switching to solar energy? Texas produces the most electricity for the entire United States, but its residents pay the most for power. The electricity prices are also in constant increase. In fact, Texans are paying higher energy costs by 4.1% every year for the past two years.

In comparison, other state residents are paying a .3% increase in their energy costs. So what does this mean for homeowners in Balch Springs, Texas? It means that switching to solar energy will protect you from rising electricity prices. It also allows you to produce your own energy. Not only will you be free from these increasing rates, but you will also reduce your energy costs on a monthly and yearly basis. In fact, most homeowners experience a 50-60% reduction in their energy costs when they switch to solar power. You can even experience a 100% reduction in energy costs by combining a solar panel system with an energy storage system.

An energy storage system, like a Tesla Powerwall, captures all the energy you don’t use throughout the day. This battery then feeds your home with electricity throughout the night and can be used as a backup generator in times of need. When you switch to solar energy in Balch Springs, TX, you still pay for electricity at night. With stored solar energy, you can use the power produced during the day. You will be out of the grasp of energy utility providers and will be producing your own electricity free of charge. (Get it?)

The Value of Your Balch Springs Home Will Increase

If you add a solar energy system to your home, you increase your home’s value while also saving on your monthly energy bills. In Texas, your solar energy system is exempted from sales tax. When you sell your Balch Springs property with a solar energy system installed, you get a dollar-for-dollar payback on said system. This is one of the benefits of switching to solar energy in Balch Springs, Texas. On top of that, according to Zillow, homes with solar panels are sold at an average increase of 4.1% compared to homes without solar panels. It pays in more than one way when you switch to solar power.

Additionally, you can even use a federal tax credit to make your transition into solar energy better.

Federal Tax Credit

At Dynamic SLR, we help you apply for your solar federal tax credit to save more money while switching to solar energy. As one of the best solar companies in Balch Springs, we’ve received many questions on solar incentives and what it does for your solar energy system purchase and installation.

The Federal Tax Credit allows you to write off a portion of your income taxes (26% of your purchase and installation price). If you want to switch to solar energy to reduce the income taxes you will receive in 2020 – the best time is now. Not only will you get the tax credit at 26% of your purchase cost, but you will also be saving money sooner rather than later.

Action Point

If you switch to solar energy, you will save money on your monthly energy bills, add value to your home and reduce your carbon footprint. By switching to clean, renewable energy, you’re doing your part in the fight against climate change and giving your kids (and their kids) a chance to enjoy nature without a global climate crisis.

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